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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Immigrants of Greece and the Greeks of Philippines

The law on citizenship , passed a few days before in the Greek Parliament , has caused several reactions so far and has become the product of ideological confrontation in Greek society , but here in the Greek community in Philippines , as evidenced by the articles , analyzes , and letters published by tsismosaonline.com
 Everyone expresses his opinion according to his politics , and any opinion is respected .

Many from  Philippines came Greece " illegally ." Mostly sailors and House workers. Greek Authorities hunted them in the beginning. They Hiding . Some locate them and sent them back to Philippines. Most were legalized , prospered . Today Greece is proud of these citizens.
So we are less analgesia , saying children born in Greece and have not seen another home from Greece , that should continue to be non-existent before the state. And is pusillanimity .
Clearly , it is not easy to convince Greek society , even in the current circumstances , that beyond the natural fear of the unknown, there is the uncertainty caused by the economic crisis. And it is therefore the responsibility of a responsible government? To guide the dialogue and to prepare society .
And , finally , has been fully understood by the great majority of Greek society , that the law on citizenship passed , with the Greece intends not be naturalized as Greeks infringing items , let alone people who do not participate and do not share requirements of the Greek Constitution and the fundamental principles of Greek democracy .

 The new law is aimed at individuals or families of foreign workers legally , children who go to Greek school , children born in Greece and gives opportunities to those who deserve them , creating a future of normality , security and consistency for the Greeks, but also for legitimate and law-abiding immigrants citizens, who live together with other citizens .

 That is, arrangements were made for the potential Greek citizenship for those immigrants who toil working , paying insurance contributions , taxes prosper , acquire property , open their own small business , a family , have taken root in Greece , the country that for many of these became the second , and for their children , the first and only home .

Greeks in Greece trust their children to Filipinos , Filipina women clean their houses , take care of elderly parents , make rural jobs and make essentially what modern Greeks find it very demeaning to do.

They trust their children , their parents and their homes , but some still fear that Filipinos become full citizens .
Now if some of them managed more , opened stores , getting contractors or studying their children , it ought to please everyone and not to bother us because it means progress for our society as a whole .
Finally, there is no greater lie than that these Filipino  people went and took the works of the Greeks. Instead, they went and took jobs that Greeks do not want to do.
As for the opinions we have heard that supposedly Filipinos will alter the elements of Greek society what to say . Looking back at our history , we see that the ancient Greece and Byzantium flourished and ensured continuity  thanks to intermarriage .
The truth is that in the last twenty years, Greece experienced a new reality . Asked suddenly - and without preparation - to be a country of immigration . And it was reasonable to be difficulties in the beginning, there will be errors and omissions. Unsurprisingly , the Greek society is not prepared to readily accept this new reality. Greek citizens are invited to live longer in a multicultural society and this surprise some. It is , therefore , a debt that Greece wants to be called advanced , tidy and in this new reality : First, to allay the anxieties of the Greeks , on the other hand , try to exploit in the most dynamic and productive way , the new this manpower and to guarantee that the prospect will help them thrive and contribute even more to the national economy . This is the only way forward . The path of retrenchment and crowns on national purity , only create problems and isolation .

We can not deny the right of these Filipino people to participate in society as not denied to us (Greek) the  others during ‘60-‘70 when Greek youth, spurred by the rural exodus, the slack, poverty, ethnic divide the civil and seek a better life in foreign countries.

Of course it should , when making such arrangements be made with caution .
Be awarded rights to those living legally in the country and have proven to be concerned about her.

Especially we Greeks of Philippines that we spent all this will have to overcome the extremes , look realistically the future of Greece , which depends on the contributors and contribute their labor to the national economy and let's not have the same blood as us . This effort is an attempt substance Greece to go forward and that is why we must all support the Filipinos in Greece

Send to tsismosaonline.com 08-04-2014 
by a friend who wish to remain anonymous 
but active in Greek society

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