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Saturday, March 29, 2014

True Filipina Confessions - "When I learned that I had cancer, I did not think how much time I had, just how soon could end"

"When I learned that I had cancer, I did not think how much time I had, just how soon could end"

From Alina an overseas filipina worker (working in Greece) as recounted to Pinay Ako.

My father fell ill with a cancer when he was young There was no treatment then, only condemnation . Two months later he died.  When I  reache at his age , was diagnosed with breast cancer , although I can not say I was surprised . The enemy knew me,  we had met long time before!! .

Unwanted visitor

My encounter with cancer began in Greece after the relevant tests had established in recent years to do. Pap and mammogram , close to my birthday , not to forget . The ultrasound showed something that did not like my doctor, when he asked me to stop by his office to talk , I knew .

He announced that he had good news and asked me to go to my exams last year , to see how the situation has evolved . I left and went back in an hour. Of course , had to check it with other methods , because the result was the ultrasound, but the doctor was pretty sure from the beginning about what he saw . He showed me on the screen . Were small dots in a square centimeter, which were not there last year . The next step was a biopsy , so introduced me to see a surgeon for follow up.

By the way , I was in the best phase of my life . I had been with a  happy Greek family and my job had just gotten a big salary promotion . I lived in conditions of extreme stress , to afford somewhere adventure with my health , as do several looking to rationalize any bad luck , to make it seem more logical , therefore less harsh . Although I worked extra hours and often without day off just to send more money back to my country family , but I like my job , with rewards and develops . I had the stress and anxieties experienced by each parent, two teens sons  , the daily running, ordinary things . Until the day I learned that I had cancer .

Not losing it

Although I am calm as a person , it would be a lie to say I did not expect the results of the biopsy anxiously . It had been days since that first ominous checkup , I had spoken to my husband and I was thoroughly prepared for , though he was sure he had nothing and that everything will go well . So everyone thinks when the probability of cancer approaching those they love, because they want to believe so .

But I had already lost my father from the same  illness and always knew the odds - even making black humor with my friends say that the life you do, something will find us. On the day I was expecting the results of the biopsy , I tried not to let it absorb. I went to the office - the doctor's appointment was three . Do not withstanding waiting on one was there. The results say that it was cancer .

family history

Not shocked . I was familiar with the disease and with the idea of ​​. I knew it was something that could be cured and that was the beginning - an annual inspection played an important role in helping to catch in time , before the situation becomes irreversible .

Arranged for surgery in last years  Holy Week , not to upset the children's program -  Calculated to be well after the holidays , so be affected as little as possible . This was my greatest sense not to panic those . Knowing how his grandfather died , may be connected the stories and thought they lose their mom .

At the same time , I had to support my mother in Philippines, when she learned that, she knelt . She had never overcome the loss of her husband from cancer . Then, perhaps because the subject was somehow taboo , had not been told the whole truth about the critical situation of my father, only shortly before the surgery , just before losing . The new mine will horrify would not believe me if I told her that as he is not in danger . And indeed , when told of the lost land beneath her ​​feet. Calling on my sisters , make sure that it was not hiding something, he fights that will not die . If you ask me today about the difficult parts of the game with my cancer , the anguish of my own is the first that comes to my mind.

Whatever doctor told

Two months after surgery and became the second biopsy , which would show if he had removed a large portion of the affected area and if three centimeters were under control were healthy - if not , the doctor should " enter " again . The doctor had yet to see if they were affected lymph nodes - if yes , then this would include chemotherapy . Eventually biopsy showed me that I belonged to the second category .

My Greek doctor had warned me about the side effects of chemotherapy and also had read whatever was available on the Internet to be as prepared as possible .

I arranged to begin immediately after the summer examinations of children . Those me questions , wanted to know exactly what we are facing . I explained everything . I gave them to understand it so I felt like telling them that cancer is not going to kill me . Shortly before I started treatments , I visited all kinds of doctors to make sure I had an infection or anything else will be burdened and my health and , therefore , would be delayed chemo . I went up to a nutritionist , who helped with the program gave me to be strong and not let the days to pass , because if you're not well, there is no cure. And I wanted to finish , I'm not sick anymore .

difficult trails

The side effects of chemotherapy are many. What I absolutely can not stand it I was standing bitterness in my mouth . I had no other flavor , only the bitter feeling of the drug , what you ate , what you drank . My life and made ​​it difficult for the strong pains in bones and abandoned only after the end of each treatment a couple of days before the next , spaced two weeks. For more side effects 'd antidotes by consulting a map of medicines should not forget . My hair began to fall after the third treatment . Do not resisting to leave tufts whole where I sat , three days after I entered the bathroom and shaved my own. In the evening my husband and my big son did the same .

Drugs meanwhile made ​​me feel sedated , but I did not want to stop working in my mind . Solve sudoku, crossword puzzles , playing games on pc and I was getting e-mails from mane friends at home . In the work did not replaced as missed as neither needed nor asked me one ever . In fact I went a few hours each week from there because I did not want to lose contact. I did it with joy, help me greatly to feel that I can offer . On Chemo went on my own with my friends music , books and crosswords . I did not want from my parents to accompany me every so often the treatments , the misery of the hospital. My friend was helping me at home , but I myself did not want help.

Family obligations and our friends sandwiching two day I knew that I would be good , so I went three months . Went and even holidays , not many days , but so , to remember the children something nice from this summer , although most of the days I spent in the room , where a nurse came and gave me injections .

Back to life

Followed by radiotherapy , which brought fewer problems . Then I was pushing doctors to do , faster to finish before Christmas. Finally finished a week earlier , so the new year came without treatments . On New Year I did a big party at home . So celebrate the end of the adventure , and I joined the love of my people in all its intensity . This keeps from all over this story , love .

Were never afraid , nor told : "Why to me ? '. Doctors in principle suggested I see a psychologist , but I haven't  felt the need . I remember that about two years after we lost my father had lost emotionally and my mother , so this time I wanted to do everything calmly . And also I did not feel it was my fault for what happened to me , so I try to hide it . I was wearing a scarf on my head and I continued to live . At least I had the opportunity that was given to my father , I had no right to resign .

The positive thing I gained from this experience is that I and the children , in terms of maturity within three months we won three years . Specifically to my eldest son , I saw him coming of age emotionally , fortunately without losing the madness of age.

In everyday life the only thing that changed is that I try not to make long shots . Say , for example , that when you get to a certain age , you must build a cottage . Now I say : ' let us well and we will see . " And keep going !

Human after all

Usually we deal with their breasts rather gossipy , aesthetic reasons . However , many are women of covers fought and defeated breast cancer , demonstrating that stardust is not a magical shield for everyday anxieties . Kylie Minogue , the Cynthia Nixon , Sheryl Crow , Christina Aplgkeit , Melissa Etheritz are just some of the famous women who , when given the chance , they repeat that early detection saves .

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Pinay Ako 29-3-2014

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