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Thursday, March 20, 2014

The boy who has IQ higher than Einstein's say's Forget what you know so you will be creative

At two years old, Jacob Barnett was diagnosed with Syndrome Asperger- Autism ...
Doctors have announced he will be NOT able to tie his shoes by himself . And fell utterly out. Today, Jacob who has IQ higher than Einstein's ( 170 ) , makes the Master in Astrophysics at the University Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) and is one of the most promising researchers in the field of quantum physics, at the age of just 14 years.
The 14 year old has reached a step before disprove the theory of relativity of Einstein, it has also acquired and paid research position at the university she attends . According to him, is now a few mathematical equations away from being proven wrong as the theory of relativity , while going to attempt to refute the theory and the Big Bang. " I'm still working on it. I have an idea , but still working on the details , " he said .
A feat that if he turns to carry out , is expected to give him a place in the pantheon of history and possibly the Nobel Prize . Professors of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton confirm that indeed on the right track . " I am impressed by the interest and knowledge held so far," noted Professor Scott Tremaine, who mail in the family Barnett, informed him and his family that if he succeeded , he would support the candidacy of for the award.
The child - The Miracle 14 year old could solve puzzle 5000 pieces from the age of three and ten years of leaving school to enter the University . In a recent speech at TEDx Teen, stated with disarming honesty : " Normally it should not be here now . Experts had said that he would ever even speak . Apparently some people pull their hair now. " His mother , Kristine Barnett has written the book for today 's short story.
The mother, with her book and its overall effect , aims to raise public awareness about children who have autism . She said recently : " The Jacob wrestles with the problem every day and we have at his side, as must every parent for his child . He realized the problems and fights with soul force "
What is Asperger Syndrome
Name Syndrome Asperger (Asperger's Syndrome) was established in 1981 when Dr . Lorna Wing (Lorna Wing), an English psychiatrist , published an academic paper called Asperger's Syndrome: a Clinical Account, which brought back to light the investigation had made Hans Asperger and introduced so called Asperger's Syndrome to describe a condition belongs to the ASD ( Autistic Spectrum Disorder).
Asperger Syndrome is considered disease belonging to ASD , because like the classic Autism is a developmental disorder that affects the way communication and relationships with one's environment .
It is often assumed that all those who have autism and have high performance , flying Syndrome Asperger. However , it is now known that there are several other forms of autism , these so-called "functional autism " , where individuals attach high performance without showing symptoms themselves Syndrome Asperger.
Whether you have Syndrome Asperger ( SD) or High Functioning Autism ( HFA ) , children and adults experiencing difficulties in their everyday social interactions . Their ability to develop friendships is generally limited as is the ability to understand the emotional expression of other people. In many cases , the disease can be linked with learning difficulties .
In reality , all people , children and adults along with SA and HFA share the same difficulty in understanding the world around them . Individuals with XFS and HFA are usually normal or superior intelligence and desire contact and relationship with other people , but do not know how to approach , thus approaching others with inappropriate and unusual way .

 Forget what you know so you will be creative...that's he teaching 
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