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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Teenagers Filipinos made ​​in Greece-lets meet them

They are all Filipinos. The youngest is  thirteen, the older twenty. Born in Athens and live in Ampelokipous, they speak  Greek sympathetic, fluent English and Filipino nice. Between them they speak English but only  because it's cool. They do not mind being bored sitting on benches, they like to eat Chicken Adobo and dance improvisation. They are dressed as if everyone came out of the last editorial of Purple and appears as a new exotic beard that is one step ahead.

Robin Jefferson Juneau , 20 years (DJ)
" I'm the one that lights the mirth "
"I was born here in Athens . I only go once in the Philippines and I do not like anything . I felt as stranger.  My favorite food is the dinuguan,  very spicy . Stand very hot . The Greek foods I eat them all, but I prefer moussaka and lasagne . I do not hear Greek music , what do but I like is Panik Records , is closer to foreign. My favorite artist is Lil Wayne, favorite DJs o Steve Aoki in house and in the Skrillex dubstep.  Of course , I was playing hip hop and house and mixed myself at parties for friends. They had a pair of painted wall and told me " this is the decor , we want you to play?  I knew that music go with the decor . I say " let me play one night on my own , and do not think about what decoration is the wall ." And I played. I do not know how to tell people dance . I want to deal only with the music , is the only thing that makes me feel myself . I play bass , drums , guitar , but need to perfect it . All my family want to go to America , where they think it is the dreamland. I want to go to Norway , Sweden , in these countries .
Niki Alberto, 14 years old
She wants to be a star or something related to business.
"I was born and live in Ampelokipous . I like the area is cool. I do not like having so much garbage . We changed three houses, all in Ampelokipous . I wish I had more room , a large room my own . I visited the Philippines, very green , there is not anyone I know in Philippines, just some relatives , and am bored . Also here I'm bored . In most long bored . Bored but all together. Then we say that we will do this or that and not do anything. I love to shop clothes and to dance . We make a band and dance between us , I spend the week with five euros . I do not care about money at all, there were two weeks that I had not a penny , and I did not mind .  I dream to become a star or businesswoman . I want to live in America . I do not like the Greeks , Never was Greek. My favorite food is Adobo , our own spicy chicken. I like the Greek food , but I'm used to the more spicy . The most perfect guy is Tyga, is- if you do not know - is rapper . If you could spend a day with him will go to the sea , Glyfada , and ate McDonald's and we danced together all night .
Alexia Domingo , 17 years
Hopes herself to get taller .
"When I grow up I want to go and live in Paris or in the America. Become a flight attendant or guide, because I like travel  . I've been to Syros , Tinos . I've been in the Philippines . Nice , green , space, simple but not got many things to do in the village . Usually hanging out here on the street and looking around to see what you do and do not do anything. I love to cook , I like Adobo and sweet Putz . I cook alone and listening to music . Most of all I like ours a Filipino actor , his name is Daniel Batilia My favorite singer is Snoop Dog. The " I love you" in Filipino is " mahal kita" and " koniam " the worst insult , but will not tell you what it means.
Alice Alfaro , 15 years
I want to sing karaoke and have a good time.
The director of the school is strict. But I 'm not afraid . If he seen me in shorts and glasses  in the schoolyard begins expulsions. Is not  a way of education the fear because it brings reaction. I love to sing karaoke . And the Filipino songs  but not all. My favorite singer is Chris Beata . I can not stand the Ancient Greek , i like to hang out on the benches , talking with my friends saying the news and laugh .

Axel , 13 years old
He likes to be bored .
I hate school and what we learn will be useless after . Better to learn foreign languages ​​to be able to talk with people from other nationalities . There should be at school as a subject dancing, singing, skating , where everyone is good at something , to become better.  I did not like being told what to do . I always do the opposite of what they say and sometimes I could be the opposite of what I want , but I will not regret anything . I like to skate or do nothing . I sit on the bench for hours. One day I sat ten hours.  I'm bored , I like that I get bored because it's cool. To be bored is to say that you do not have to do anything. Yes I have a girlfriend . Of course we kissed . If I like Angelina Jolie ? Kidding ? She is old .
Mario Salazar , 16 years old
He wants to kiss Megan Fox .
" The Golden Dawn  members are chickens. They fear more the foreign  than the the foreign fear them , so if you see them , they go everywhere together, two or three together, It's always more than two. These are all shit . I do not fear . My money is always ten euro a week, , now with cigarettes and a beer never enough , but we all somehow fit. We gather with friends , do skate , hit , remount the skate.  I do not want to live somewhere else , we learned . And the Philippines is nice, but to go for tourism, not to live . They are all back . Their minds , far behind. I like all women, and white and ours is sufficient to ' yes beautiful . For me the most beautiful is Megan Fox . What would I do if i  knew her ? Probably i will lose and start  looking at the floor .
Sarmin Antvala 14 years
She likes to dance a lot . With world , alone, in front of the mirror , anywhere given the opportunity .
"I was born in Athens , I have never been to the Philippines . I really want to go . If I like it , it can stay there for a while , but I want to live in America . Here in Athens dont feel free . I want to live somewhere that I can lean on the bench. Somewhere I do what I want without being told how. There are some who insult us not say exactly what they want but racism is a matter of mindset especially when cursing without knowing what they blame. .If i  have the money, i  go Goody's, KFC. The Chris Brown is my god . When I grow up I want to be a photographer , because I love to remember people and faces. I do not like white boys I just ours .filipinos..Okay not hurry these things are done when the time is . I like to dance in front of people , with myself in front of the mirror and no mirror. All leave when you dance and stop thinking about venturing into the rhythm.
For tsismosaonline.com
Original post in Greek (Greka magazine)
Translate to English and edited from pinoy gr 12-3-2014
Greek Text: Julie Boys 
Photos: Photoharrie, Alexander Akrivos
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