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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Singaporeans Wants Separate Bus for Pilipino Maids

 The Lucky Plaza along Orchard Road in Singapore is a favorite haunt of Pilipino Overseas workers especially during their day off. Lucky Plaza has many Pilipino restaurants and remittance centers that cater to the needs of OFW's. The tendency of Pilipino domestic workers in Singapore to be boisterous during their bus ride to their favorite haunt at Orchard Road has earned the ire of one Singaporean who proposed a private bus for the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) especially during their Sunday day off. In an open letter posted anonymously on The Real Singapore (TRS) a free online platform where Singaporeans freely express themselves without any form of censorship, the Singaporean contributor who simply signed as "H" complained that recently on Bus 106 from Clementi interchange to Orchard Road, 90% of the passengers were rowdy Pilipino maids that made the journey uncomfortable. In the public letter, "H" spells Pilipinos as Phillipinos. H said "I do welcome them to take our public transport as it helps to contribute to our GDP and SMRT's revenue. Unfortunately, this Pinoy maids were talking so loud in the bus. They joked and burst out laughing loudly. It's nothing wrong to joke and chit chat in the bus as Sunday is only their day off, however they should be a little bit more considerate by caring for other passengers too. What I heard in the bus was Phillipino language and i felt like i'm taking bus in Metro Manila. Their voices were just as loud as thunderstorm. Once a group of Phillipinos board a bus or train your resting time on journey back home is gone. Through my experience, I would like to advise Singaporeans to prevent taking buses and trains to Far East Plaza or Orchard Road in the Sunday morningand evening."          
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