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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Revival of Pasig River Ferry Backed

 Mayors in Metro Manila on Wednesday showed their support to the revival of the Pasig River Ferry System which the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) targets to operate on Apr. 28, 2014. MMDA Chairman Tolentino gained the support of the Metro Manila Mayors during the Metro Manila Council meeting held Wednseday at the San Juan City Hall. During discussion none of the mayors objected to the project as they consider the Pasig River Ferry System an alternative solution to Metro Manila's traffic problems due to the number of road works set for the year. Manila Mayor Erap in giving his approval recommended that the terminals should be well propagated and must be accessible for the convenience of the riding public. It was the first time for Erap to participate in the regular MMC meeting. In a long term solution, Tolentino also proposed to the mayors to maintain the ferry stations under their jurisdiction. Estrada said he is open to Tolentino's idea, however he also thinks that's best if the private sector will manage the system in the long run. As for the fare Tolentino said the tripartite committee consisting of the MMDA the Dept. of Transportation and Communications and the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission have yet to decide on the matter. As part of their preparations, he said there is ongoing rehabilitation of the 5 initial ferry stations along Pasig River. Tolentino expressed confidence that repairs will be finished on time.
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