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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

No more stolen mobiles in Greece by the end of this month, read what will happen

End to thefts of mobile phones are expected to put the new regulations of telecommunications providers that implement the National Telecommunications and Post Commission in Greece ( EETT ) by the end of this month .
The regulation will enable subscribers of fixed and mobile telephony to automatically interrupt the services they provide. In this way , a stolen cell phone will be useless and will not be sold on the domestic "black market" , or even  activate  the SIM card with another company .

Now by this new law mobile operators will be able to network blocked any mobile phone is stolen in Greece.Yes all stolen mobiles inside Greece.. The " lock " in this case is a total and not only at SIM, which means that the device becomes inactive - at least in Greece .

Today expensive mobile devices can be used again , if you remove the SIM card and personal information (contacts , photos , etc. ) of the victim - the owner and then sell them in the "black market.
From the end of this month , 31 March 2014, the owner and victim can report only his IMEI number(  (International Mobile Equipment Identity) of his  stolen device and the operator will automatically lock his mobile so will be available only abroad .

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