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Saturday, March 29, 2014

GRIEF for passengers relatives of the fatal Boeing! Lawsuits against Malaysia Airlines!

The whole planet is shocked with the tragedy of  Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines!

Following the announcement of the Prime Minister of Malaysia that none of the passengers of the fateful flight MH370 is alive and that the aircraft is at the bottom of the Indian Ocean , now comes the most difficult time for the family.

Chinese insurance companies are progressing in providing compensation to the families of passengers.

According to the state news agency "New China " families of seven passengers received Tuesday 4.17 million yuan (about 488,000 euros ) in damages , as announced by the largest insurance company in China, China Life and news agency reported .

The company announced that the flight MH370 aboard 32 customers and believes that the total compensation to be paid will be around 9 million yuan (about one million euros).

The insurer New China Life Insurance will compensate the families of the nine clients aboard the missing of Malaysia Airlines Boeing with around one million yuan , told Reuters by telephone Zhang Chongksia public relations company .

The company China Pacific Insurance, announced that it had paid 525,000 yuan , while the insurance Sunshine Insurance compensated with 500,000 yuan relatives of three who was on board the missing aircraft .

Note that more than 150 of the 239 occupants of flight MH370 was Chinese .

Lawsuits against Malaysia Airlines

The U.S. law firm Ribbeck Law filed suit against Malaysia Airlines and the Boeing manufacturing company representing his uncle a Indonesian passenger flight .

This is the Tzanouari Siregkar , his uncle Brands Chandra Siregkar , and lawyer, who is representing the victim's family.

Indeed , the same company announced that it expects to represent the families of more than half of the occupants .

As said lawyer Monica Kelly of Ribbeck Law, the company has been contacted by family members of victims in many countries and expects to represent almost half , a publication of the newspaper in Malaysia 

In response to these reports , a representative of Malaysia Airlines, who asked to remain anonymous , stated Thursday :

"I have no information on relatives of those on board the flight, which filed suit , but it is their right if they wish. We will face this lawsuit if filed . "

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