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Monday, March 31, 2014

Cyprus- Filipina threw in the trash by mistake € 7.000

The savings of a Filipina who worked for years in Cyprus as a domestic helper, made ​​wings by her own responsibility a bit before getting the plane to return home. The unfortunate Filipina, save money all these years working in Cyprus, in an ordinary garbage bag, hoping that even burglars to visit her home, will not looking at them. So a few days before leaving for home, she began to gather her things and put unusable various items of leftovers in trash bags.

The night of the city garbage vehicle will pass from the neighborhood, she took  out not only bags with junk and useless items, but bags in which there were her economies and which was about € 7.000. 
Then she went to sleep and the next day she only realized what she did. Desperate she began phoning in friends and request assistance. 
Her employer contacted the municipality and  asked to find the city garbage vehicle before it reaches the garbage dump and  to look through the trash and identify the bags with money.
However it was too late , As already referred, the city garbage vehicle  had already been  to garbage dump and had left there garbage carrying. Then efforts were made to identify the bags with money at the garbage dump , but without any success so the unfortunate housekeeper returned nearly penniless in her homeland.

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