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Monday, February 10, 2014

Philippines-SWS Survey Says: Currently 12.1 Million Pilipinos are Unemployed or 27.5%

In a national survey conducted by the Social Weather Stations (SWS) on Dec. 11 to Dec. 16 of 2013 among 1,550 respondents it found that the joblessness rate among Pilipinos at least 18 yrs. old increased from 21.7% or 9.6 Million Pilipinos in September of 2013 to 27.5% or 12.1 Million individuals in December of 2013. Pres. Spokesman Lacierda said the increase in unemployment in the last quarter of 2013 was understandable considering that the country was hit by 2 natural calamities- the 7.2 magnitude Bohol earthquake and Super Typhoon Yolanda in Eastern Visayas- and one man made calamity the Zamboanga City Siege. He however said the government continues to conduct measures to cushion the increasing rate of unemployment brought by the 3 calamities last year. The results of the face-to-face interviews by the SWS were first published in Business World yesterday. SWS defined joblessness as those who fall under this category are individuals 18 yrs. old and above without a job and also looking for a job. However the jobless who are not looking for work such as housewives and retired individuals are excluded from this category. SWS noted that the highest unemployment rate among Pilipinos was last recorded in February of 2009 at 34.4%. The SWS survey showed that the number of unemployed Pilipinos is composed mainly of adults who quit their jobs from 9% to 13.5%  were retrenched 10.4% and first time job seekers from 5% to 3.5%. By age group joblessness was basically unchanged among the youth or those 18-24 yrs. old at 52.3% from 52.4%. Meanwhile joblessness rate rose to 25% from 19% among those 35 to 44 yrs. old, 33.1%  from 26.4% for the 25 to 34 bracket and 17.7% from 14.2% among those aged 45 and above. However as also found in the same survey period optimism among Pilipinos that work would become available this year increased to fair +19 last December from mediocre +4 three months earlier. Joblessness is described by the government as those not working, looking for work and available for work. Those not available for work, even though looking, are excluded and those available for work but not seeking it are included.  
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