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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sen. Enrile and Sen. Estrada Ready for Ruby Tuason Bombshell

Senate Minority Leader Enrile and Senator Estrada yesterday said they are ready to face whatever allegations Ruby Tuason a former aide of former president and now Manila City Mayor Erap will hurl against them. Enrile said he is ready to face Tuason and the rest of his accusers inside the courtroom, saying he has no qualms over her appearance at the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee's scheduled hearing into the Pork Barrel Fund Scam on Feb. 13, 2014. Sen. Guingona III, Chairman of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee confirmed that Tuason will be the sole resource person invited by the panel to appear before it's probe on Thursday. Guingona said the committee wants to check if Tuason's testimony would be relevant to the case or if she is just bluffing. Enrile said he doesn't want to rely on the statements issued by the Dept. of Justice (DOJ) Sec. De Lima who had earlier said there is a slam dunk evidence against him and Estrada, but will instead formally ask a copy of the affidavit executed by Tuason. Enrile admitted Tuason was an acquaintance but said he never discussed his PDAF with her. The only time he formally met with her, Enirle said, was in the late 2006 or early 2007 in a popular and crowded restaurant for lunch. His Chief of Staff lawyer Gigi Reyes was with them during the meeting. As far as Enrile is concerned, Tuason didn't give him any supposed commission from the PDAF fund or any kickback. Meanwhile Sen. Estrada and Sen. Pres. Drilon to instruct the Office of the Senate Sgt. at Arms (OSSA) to release copies of CCTV footage of Tuason's visits of Senate Building. Estrada made the request after Tuason had alleged that she personally delivered Estrada's kickbacks to his office at the Senate going throughthe Senate's basement parking. Though a close friend of the family, Estrada reiterated he is not involved in the PDAF Scam. Drilon agreed to Estrada's request but asked that the OSSA personnel be given time to produce the files.    
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