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Friday, February 21, 2014

Greece-Secret underground metro station discovered only for Filipinos and rich Greek at Psychiko

A shocking discovery brought to light men 's from the department of missing persons of Greek Police , during this week discovered a secret, labyrinthine subway station that was hidden in the center of a giant labyrinth  at Psychiko area.
As it was known then , the station was built in secrecy before the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004 to serve the needs of the service staff of the President of the Organizing Committee , Gianna Angelopoulou- Daskalaki , who lives in Paleo Psihiko . Since then only used by those who knew the existence - mostly Filipino domestic workers in homes of the area , tennis teachers and relatives battered by the economic crisis, which had been forced to move away from the privileged suburb .

According to information from police circles who investigating the case, one in five trains of line 3 only reach up to the national defense and not to the airport "El Venizelos " , after waiting there for about 20 minutes make on the spot turning and directed with the lights off to the station PsihicoAs for  the ground handling access, it is practically impossible for the uninitiated since the only entrance to the labyrinth leads to the station is hidden under the third Square in Paleo Psihico which does not reach road and is unknown to those who dont  live in the area.

As said police sources to tsismosaonline , the discovery was made accidentally when a 23 year old Filipino student , who took the subway at night last Thursday to go to the home of friends in New Psihico. The Filipino boarded a train in the direction of National Defence , but unfortunately for him, he sleep in the wagon .

"When I woke up I saw a station I had never seen before,  recounts the Filipino . "It was literally a labyrinth  , with dozens of stairs and corridors intersect , one-way streets and dead ends everywhere and signs designed to mislead . He had few people , mostly filipinos and Greeks teachers who went on particularly personal trainers , chefs with white caps, butler and clowns for children's parties . Nobody spoke, there was an eerie silence . Everyone walked bent over and before you could talk them they disappear , finding in some magical way the way out , continues  the filipino young student .

"I was locked in there for over 40 hours , wandering in circles and my phone does not had signal. Luckily I finally found a maintenance worker for pool that felt sorry for me and showed me how to go  out, "he concludes .

After came to the surface of the earth , the 23 year old  filipino asked his family who had called the police and reported him as missing person,  to locate him and then the police, which led to traces of the unknown 66th station of the Athens Metro . The police officer who is  in charge of the investigation said: This is certainly a striking finding . It's too early to say more, consider that we have not yet mapped or 10 % of the station. We hope we will not find there the corpses of other missing persons , who fell asleep as  the filipino young student.

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