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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Greece-Coming rain tomorrow 21 of February. Read in detail how the weather will be

Local rain initially and gradually to the west and the rest will be scored on Friday. From noon will occur and thunderstorms mainly in the west and south . The meteorological conditions conducive to transport dust mainly in the east and south . The temperature in long decline since its peak values ​​. Read the detailed weather forecast.

Macedonia , Thrace
Weather: cloudy with occasional increased and local rain mainly after noon .
Wind: 3-4 Beaufort and east southeasterly .
Temperature : from 5 to 16 degrees Celsius. In western Macedonia 3-4 degrees lower .

Ionian Islands , Epirus , Western Central , Western Peloponnese
Weather: cloudy with occasional increased local rains . From noon will occur and thundery . Improve the night in the northwest.
Winds : South 4-6 and temporarily in the southern Ionian local 7 Beaufort. From the afternoon will weaken and evening will turn to westerly .
Temperature : from 6 to 17 degrees Celsius. In Epirus local 3-4 degrees lower .

Thessaly , eastern Sterea , Evia , eastern Peloponnese
Weather: cloudy and gradually increased local rains initially and gradually in the Peloponnese and in other areas. Sporadic storms in the south in the afternoon .
Wind : EAST SOUTHEAST 3-5 Beaufort.
Temperature : from 4 to 17 degrees Celsius.

Cyclades , Crete
Weather: cloudy with occasional locally increased rains in the afternoon and evening thunderstorms .
Winds : South 4-6 and gradually local 7 Beaufort.
Temperature : from 10 to 19 degrees Celsius .

Eastern Aegean Islands , Dodecanese
Weather: cloudy . Sporadic showers by evening and night thunderstorms mainly in the south.
Winds : South 3-5 , in the south 4-6 and gradually local 7 Beaufort.
Temperature : 11 to 18 degrees Celsius .

Weather: cloudy which will gradually increase from noon scored sporadic rains . Chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon .
Winds : South 3-5 beaufort , that the evening would turn to the northeastern and weaken .
Temperature : from 6 to 16 degrees Celsius.

Weather: cloudy . Gradually scored sporadic rains .
Wind: 2-3 Beaufort.
Temperature : from 5 to 15 degrees Celsius.

Weather: cloudy with occasional increased local rains . From noon will occur and thunderstorms .
Winds : South 4-6 Beaufort with attenuation of the afternoon .
Temperature : from 11 to 16 degrees Celsius .

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