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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fat Thursday in Greece today with free meat and wine for all

What exactly we celebrate  the Fat Thursday (Greek Tsiknopempti) in Greece ?

The last Thursday before Lent, traditionally it is a day dedicated to eating meat, when people meet in their homes or cafés with their friends and relatives and eat large quantities of sweets, cakes and other meals forbidden during Lent.
The origin of this strange custom is lost in the mists of time, but according to speculation , coupled with the Bacchic festivals of the ancient Greeks and Romans thought the feast and revelry , rite for good fertility of the earth in the spring .
Also, Fat Thursday  is is associated with the celebration of Carnival , since in the next few weeks following Koulouma , Carnival and Shrove Tuesday .

Free meat and wine TODAY  in the center of Athens

11 am in the morning today the butchers in Varvakeio (Meat market in Athens) will distribute to residents and visitors  1.5 tons of meat and wine.
The butchers Varvakeion  (Meat market in Athens) continue this year a the "tradition" of recent years and divide meat cooked to passersby on the main square of the shopping center on the road Athena Avenue .
"I'll roast pork neck , chicken and zigouri ' said the president Cleanthes Tsironis .
Indeed , in order to boost the mood of participants , " we will have and music to cheer the mood of the people ."
The City of Athens from her side will help the mood by offering wine. The celebration and distribution of cooked meat is expected to be completed by 2 pm today.

Other places  with the best meat in Athens!

We give you the answers to the burning question ... of this week: Where to eat the best meat in town???

Base Grill
The twins Spyros and Vangelis Liakos created this distinctive restaurant in order to make a difference . And they succeeded . Qualities haunt not only the entire Bournaziou but Atticus from here have gone several protagonists domestic showbiz-, for extremely meats of choice . From the list you choose beef rib and sirloin . In plus, the updated wine list and beer . ( Constantinopoleos 64 , Peristeri , tel . 210 5757455 )
Taverna Gavrillis
Chops and steaks ewe , smells broken nose and many more surprises for kreatofilous ! 
( Tangle , Markopoulos, Ag Dimitriou 47 , tel 6944 180 437 )
The tavern Kantza is a fixed destination for quality - rib meat , railroad , etc.
 ( Aeolus 49 Kantza , tel 210 6659061 )
The Vlahos
Fresh juicy steaks , grilled pies and many others served in a friendly and unassuming environment .
 ( Karamanlis 1 & 17 November 11 Melissia , tel 210 6130672 )
Kozi 's
Meat eaters with touches ... South Africa is waiting in the restaurant of bees with mouthwatering steaks and delicious burgers. ( Panayi Tsaldari 32-34 , Melissia , tel 210 8101584 )
KOZI'S: Tasty steaks & handmade burgers ... made in Africa in Melissia !
Butcher Shop
Here the good fresh , Greek - from farms in Pieria and Larissa concrete - organic meat ! You have heard so much good in four years of operation, that the recommendations do not require unnecessary . Joseph - Turkish ... incarcerated in the kitchen butcher - ensure that the kebab making history , while 450 g . ( ! ) Rib of a must. ( Persephone 19, Gazi , tel 210 3413440 )
The huge , and quality , of portions of New Smyrna tavern made ​​it known throughout the city . In The plus very affordable prices and wonderful donuts for dessert ! ( Aydin 55 , New Smyrni , tel 210 9370708 )
The ultimate marriage of Greek and Argentinean cuisine combined with the rural setting compose «Argentina» Marathon . Want a tasty trip to Argentina ... ? The environment made ​​of stone with Argentinean influences , the large two-sided fireplace , the sounds of tango and well done beef will take you mentally in a Latin American country . Try roasted spare ribs, the enormous juicy beef steak combined with sauce bbq, and several distinguished Greek appetizers and salads . ( Bitakos 3 Kaletzi Marathon , tel 22940 66476 , 22940 67814 )
Kreatofagiki feast with gourmet touches. The other proposal Telemachus , with alternative cooking styles and baroque style in decorating . ( Fragopoulou 19 K. Kifissia , Kifissia , tel 2108077468 )
Large list in baked and cooked meats . ( Eleftherios Venizelos 46 , New Smyrni , tel 210 9319675 )
Meat House
Meat eaters spot in New Smyrni , who waits for roast delights in a renovated neoclassical and warm . Homemade fries and the best Greek meat with other protein delicacies like kebabs or burgers . ( Eleftherios Venizelos 57 , New Smyrna , tel 210 9328638
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