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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Are you Filipino in Greece and you don't know how much you owe in taxes if not click to find out!

Most of us have lost count and we have no idea how much we owe to the IRS (Greek Taxes office) with all that we have loaded the last time.
So, The Greek Finance Ministry is  giving us the opportunity to be informed about our debts , but also to print the notices to go and pay.
In this page you can find information tax luxury living , levies , fees trade tax , income tax , road tax and other taxes

The message will appear if you click https://www1.gsis.gr/webtax/incomefpenhm/per2010/index.jsp and enter your code is:

" Welcome to the search service debts with balance and print notices for payment or tax slips issued by the General Secretariat for Information Systems.
1. The search service alerts circulation taxes and state vehicles , addressed to all taxpayers so that they can be directly informed about the status of their vehicles (cubic , movement, stillness , etc. ) and be able to print the notice for payment of vehicle tax
2 . The Printing Service Tax Alert Lux Living N.4111/2013 addressed to individuals so readily and reliably be able to learn about the paycheck tax luxury living and payment notice.
3 . The print service alerts Levy and end N.3986/2011 vocation , addressed to natural and non-natural persons , to directly and reliably can be informed for clearance and for tax payment notices .
4. The search service debts remaining appeals to all taxpayers so that they can directly inform the individual debts
5. The print service alerts Income Tax for Individuals addressed to individuals so readily and reliably be able to update and print the payment notices or income tax refund this year . "
Immediately after touch down right " LOGIN " and enter the " magical world " of debts.
Good luck ! !
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