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Friday, January 24, 2014

UNBELIEVABLE ! Filipina from Ampelokipoi Athens locked her kids inside her car while she was at work

It's disgusting , "says the Greek woman which lived for 45 minutes in absolute panic as she was called the police when she heard  two young filipinos boys crying coming from a car parked at Korinthias street, Ampelokipous Athens.
Police officers from the local police station arrived  at the spot and broke the car windows freeing the two young filipinos boys! The tsismosaonline presents the tragic incident that happened in Greece while ago.
Apparently  the filipina mother has this nasty habit of locking up her kids inside  her car
 while she is at work. !" said the Greek woman who called the police
The reason: The 36 year old  filipina mother didn't pay ... babysitter  so says it is filipino culture to bring kids to work. haaay buhay..
So for at least  45 minutes, two young filipinos boys  locked in the car and after the police arrived the mother accused for child abuse, arrested and brought to judge.The childrens transferred immediately to the hospital. 
Its also noted that  the doctor said he found no signs of injury on the kids bodies. The heat inside the car also "might affecting their ability to retain water and died". 
The police said they can not help in such cases but the issue was that the mother should be very careful with her kids next time
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