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Thursday, January 23, 2014

PNoy is Solid Against His Critics

Lethal and effective and at an advantage. This was how Malacanang described the power of Pres. Aquino in endorsing a presidential bet in 2016 elections, saying the Palace is unperturbed by recent criticisms hurled against the administration. There were speculations recent attacks against the administration were intended to to discredit Pres. Aquino so that there would be a lower chances for the one he will be anointing as the administration's bet for the 2016 elections. PNoy and close ally Interior Sec. Roxas were accused by Sen. Revilla of meddling in the impeachment trial of then CJ Corona in 2012, with some quarters saying PNoy's meetings with some senator-judges, including Revilla during the impeachment trial may be grounds for impeachment. Pres. Spokesman Lacierda, however said with the people believing in the trust of accountability, transparency and good governance of the Aquino administration, there will be no doubt the people will support whoever would be endorsed by the president in 2016. In related developments, an official of the Catholic Bishop's Conference of the Philippines described as unethical Pres. Aquino's meeting with Sen. Revilla and 3 other senators at the height of the impeachment trial of Corona. The president's denial that his meeting with Revilla and 3 other senators was meant to influence their vote on the impeachment trial of Corona also failed to convince the prelate. The CBCP official cited what happened during the time when lawmakers voting on the controversial Reproductive Health Bill in 2012. Roxas and Abad were in Congress  when House members were casting their votes on the RH bill. At the same time, an opposition lawmaker said yesterday Pres. Aquino should start preparing his "I'm sorry" public speech for meeting with Revilla during the impeachment trial of Corona. Bayan-Muna Partylist Rep. Zarate urged the Chief Exec. to make public apology and follow the example of then Pres. Arroyo who apologized over her controversial phone conversation with then Commission on Elections Commissioner Virgilio Garcilliano.         
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