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Friday, January 3, 2014

Peace with unconventional way, made ​​by local Filipina women in Mindanao and stop the war between immigrants and locals

History repeats itself ( even if it's ancient comedy for Greeks ) . The career woman appears on these sites and dozens of other slimy clichés , which confirms this news , but it's true ..
Let 's take from the beginning. We are in the Philippines , in the village of Dundee in Mindanao . Women in the region are cooperative and through the main road distribute their products in all regions of the country . But due to bloody conflicts between immigrants and locals , the road remained closed for a year !
Displaced women in two villages on Mindanao Island find an unconventional way to stop their menfolk fighting, clear roads and start rebuilding amid a separatist rebellion.
Both men succumbed ... So simple, that it could make Peace, made ​​by local women ...watch the video
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