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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Miraculous Greek medicines since ancient times

Sublime recipes and miracle drugs from the time of Hippocrates(ancient Greek times). From simple syrups , eye drops , ointments , drops , pills up pessaries which combined dozens of substances , the medicines has been since antiquity a highly detailed science to address almost all known diseases . The writings of Hippocrates said about 250 medicinal plants .
Galen , described as the second greatest physician of antiquity after Hippocrates , in his writings described the famous " Magistral Drugs ", some of which contain up to 100 different substances each. Nicholas perfumer ( in 1300 AD ) drew formulary with more than 2,200 drugs , many of which were mixed with 3-5 different materials.
This ancient knowledge holds up today through writings , which are important specialized scientists are constantly researching and discovering new therapeutic properties . In ancient medicines focused scientists during the third Amphictyony Societies and Associations History and Ethics - Ethics organized in June 2011 by the International Hippocratic Foundation of Kos Island in Greece .
As the president of the Foundation Professor of Surgery Stephanos Yeroulanos for the manufacture of drugs used mostly herbs and plants , and minerals and animal material , eg Ivory tooth lion or even dung .
Among the most famous ancient medicinal mineral was " Lemnia earth" ( exportable drug) , which was thought to help heal wounds. The " Limnos earth" mined at a location approximately in the center of Lemnos and mixed with the blood of sacrificed animals . Eplathan the "mix " in small shape and stamped with a special stamp for protection from any adulteration. The product was used with either water for treating wounds or they provided with food . Because hemoglobin containing iron , and just because he had dirt was cathartic .
In many cases, however , the "ancient medicines " was purely a matter of self-suggestion . This goes for the gold until recently speculated that it was possible therapeutic for rheumatism , considering not confirmed . The gold dust was used as a substance in food. As Mr Yeroulanos characteristic example is that of the Viennese schnitzel which is invention and secret kitchen Palaiologan Byzantium .
The recipe was learned through " matchmaking " in Zaragoza, Spain and then to Vienna . The original recipe involved the use of gold dust on the meat , which had the " blonde " color. Later , the blonde color with mustard copied to the " breaded ".
However , the herbal substances are the most used in ancient pharmaceutical and ' keep ' well even today . Coumarins are known anticoagulants , as substances contained in cranberries , and Hippocrates used for thrombophlebitis . From the taxol ( evergreen coniferous tree , as widespread in gardens fence ) can be produced by tamoxifen which is currently the treatment of choice for breast cancer .
The flower vinca contains vincristine are anticancer agent ( chemotherapy) . The absinthe ( wormwood in absinthe ) today again used as a powerful antimalarial . And of course aspirin 110 years is a key element salicylic acid . Hippocrates used peeled willow (salix alba) as an analgesic .
Recipes from antiquity
"The best medicine for sore throat are chamomile with honey and lemon . The widespread this knowledge comes from ancient times when the Greeks therapists were making syrups based on honey , "said the president of the International Hippocratic Foundation , Professor Stephen Yeroulanos .
As Mr Yeroulanos , used as a basis honey diluted with either water or vinegar to which they added their drugs from various herbal extracts . The substances extracted from plants either by boiling or by soaking them for a long time in wine or oil .
Another recipe that " holds " from ancient times and is used today by many pharmacists are the ointment for the treatment of freckles on his hands . According to Mr. Geroulanos , the recipe is very simple and has the ingredients oil (you'll need to warm up for a bit ) , beeswax and mastic . " If you add these components becomes a white ointment helps a lot to " erase " the freckles on his hands ," says the professor .
And naturally emollient property of aloe , which is widely used in creams and ointments for skin , known since ancient times .
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