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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Philippines-Miraculous Black Nazarene Procession Return in Quiapo Church After 19 Hrs.

Nearly 19 hours. That's the number of hours it took to transfer the life-size image of Miraculous Black Nazarene from Luneta to Quiapo Church for the annual Translacion. According to a radio report, the "Andas" or carriage bearing the image arrived at the Quiapo Church at 1:57 am yesterday. The holy image left Luneta past 7:30 am on Thursday. The long wait, however did not deter devotees waiting inside and outside the Quiapo Church. When the image arrived, devotees chanted "Viva!, Viva!" while waving their white towels in the air as a way of welcoming the "Neustro Padre Jesus Nazareno". Considering that the procession used an alternative route, which was said to be longer than the one taken in previous years, this year's procession finished earlier. Last year, it took 22 hours before the venerated image was brought to the Minor Basilica of the Miraculous Black Nazarene. The crowd estimate last year was said to have reached at least 8 million. However, this year's crowd estimate by the police was only 200,000. For this year's celebration, the organizers decided to stage a "Virata" or "Pandungaw". The event is said to be the re-enactment of the first meeting of Jesus Christ and Mama Mary after Our Savior was sentenced to die on the cross. After making a turn to Bilibid Viejo, the "Andas" temporarily stopped in front of the balcony of San Sebastian Church. When the 2 holy images faced each other, many of the devotees and even more onlookers become teary-eyed. The image spent some 3 minutes in Plaza del Carmen before proceeding with the rest of the procession. By this time it was already past 10 pm. From there it took another 3 hours for the image to snake its way through the 8 remaining streets before finally inching its way to Plaza Miranda. At 1:45 am the doors of Quiapo Church opened, allowing the image to safely pass through. Some 5,000 waited at the Quiapo Church along the Quezon Blvd.    
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