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Monday, January 27, 2014

Horror in Philippines Child Sex Thru Internet Porn on Abusive Village

Mothers accompany their children to a day care center in the village in Cordoba, Cebu on Jan. 21, 2014. Behind the structure is an abandoned house that used to stream live sex acts of children to pedophiles watching online overseas. Ibabao was turned into a hotspot for global child cybersex industry, ironically as toddlers played at a nursery next to the house. In a remote Philippine village, toddlers played obvious at a nursery as the house next door became part of a horrifying child porn ring, with live footage of children performing sex acts being streamed online to pedophiles around the world. The depraved scenes in the bungalow were being repeated in many homes throughout Ibabao, a secluded community in Cebu island were Internet Child Pornography had for some of it's 5,000 residents become more lucrative than fishing or factory work. But while the village is currently in the spotlight, authorities and child rights advocate say the fast growing global industry is infecting many parts of the mostly poor Philippines, with thousands of children having been abused. At first look the coastal community of Ibabao, 550 Miles South of Manila, is a typical close knit rural Philippine village where many of the long time residents are relatives or enjoy close and longstanding ties. In scenes echoed across the devoutly Catholic Philippines, it's residents regularly attended masses held in quaint chapels along narrow footpaths and dirt roads. But police and authorities said that behind the closed doors of the tiny wooden and brick homes, many parents directed their children for sex videos in front of webcams connected via the internet to paying pedophiles overseas. Other children were lured into the homes of neighbors and forced to perform sex acts in front of webcams, they said. Mayor Sitoy said the trade thrived because children were locked secretly inside homes, as well as Ibabao's remote location and the fact some elected village leaders with relatives involved ignored the crimes.     
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