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Friday, January 3, 2014

Greek women expressed interest in employment agencies to work as domestic workers and babysitters

Foreign women who worked for many years in our country as domestic helpers , babysitter or care of the old , fleeing from Greece handing the baton to Greek women who no longer encounter as degrading slavery , but as livelihood opportunities .
According to reports of  many Greek employment agencies, especially the last month the demand for domestic workers has plummeted , while at least ten Greeks expressed interest in employment agencies to work as domestic homes. This is mainly for women 40 to 55 years found outside the labor market or many debts .
Given the increasing supply and reducing demand prices are in free fall. So far the charge of 6-8 euros per hour for housework decreases continuously . And the cost for internal housekeeping of 1,200 euro tumbles even at 600 euros per month .
Of course , the constant prized Filipina  have not reduced their fees by collecting at least 200 euro more than the other nationalities , while another object with constant demand remains the care of the elderly .
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