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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Greek driving licences-How to apply for a licence

If you are Filipino and wish to drive in Greece, you may need an international driver’s licence, have to apply for a Greece licence or you might be able to simply exchange yours for a Greek one.
If you are planning on driving in Greece, you may need an international drivers licence, also known as International Driving Permit, depending on your licence. Others may not need to exchange their drivers licence but will need to take a driving test in order to obtain a Greek drivers licence (theory and practical exams).
EU citizens can use their own driving licence, as long as the licence holder is over the minimum  driving age of 18 and the licence is valid. However, if it’s necessary to renew the licence, it can only be renewed in the country of residence. Renewing an EU licence in Greece will be automatically converted into a Greek licence.
If you wish to apply for a Greek driving licence, you must
Be legal in Greece (you should be able to prove that)
Not hold another licence from the same category in Greece, EU or EEA
Meet the intellectual and physical requirements to state you are suitable to drive
Have passed the theoretical and practical exams
Documents needed to apply for a Greek driving licence
An application form
Copy of your passport or identity card ( necessary for the applicant’s date of birth)
Two health certificates. One must be from a general practitioner and the other one from an ophthalmologist. Proof of payment of the medical certificates from the National Bank of Greece is also needed.
You should supply a certified photocopy of proof of you are legal in Greece. A Residency Permit or Residence Certificate that must have been issued for 95 days if you are an EEA or EU national, and 185 days if not. This still must be still valid on the day you apply for a Greek licence.
Two recent passport-sized color photos
Proof of payment of the fees at the local Tax Office
A copy of a driving licence that the applicant already holds
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