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Friday, January 24, 2014

Greece-Temperature drop and Snow from this Friday afternoon -PREPARE

Comes Snow in our country this coming weekend , with the temperature drop . The snow seems to make their appearance on the tips so far our data and parts of Epirus, Macedonia and Thrace as zero altitude, mainly from Sunday onwards.
More specifically , the temperature will begin to fall by Saturday, January 25 , initially in northern Greece , with snow falling in the mountainous parts initially and during the day and in hilly areas with an altitude above about 700-900 meters. In Thessaly, Central Greece and the Peloponnese will only snows in the mountains above 1400-1500 meters . With the evidence so far , we speculate how much snow will throw in western Macedonia .
The snow seems to intensify during Sunday, the 26th and Monday, January 27 in much of northern Greece , while the chances to shine as in the lowlands and coastal maybe it is too large . We do not know yet what heights of snow will fall and that will shine more . In the lowlands of central Greece emerge intense rains and snows in central country will be limited in most hilly and mountainous areas above about 800-1000 meters.
So generally , from this Friday 24-1 afternoon onwards and especially the coming weekend and then will winter comes for good throughout Greece and especially in northern Greece . We will advise you  with more detail and our newest articles .
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