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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Greece-New wave of bad weather on Tuesday 28/01/2014, thunderstorms and snow

New wave of storms will affect the entire country by late Monday and especially Tuesday - Wednesday ( 28-29/Ianouariou/2014 ) with isolated rain and thunderstorms in the west and central and local heavy snowfall in the north - north country .
Specifically the low barometric affects us the weekend will move slightly south and east will weaken somewhere in the Carpathian .
New low barometric invade from the northwest part of the country on Monday coming from the Adriatic and will move southeast . It seems to follow a semicircular path as shown in the following maps and will pass over central and northern country .
The low pressure will be a little more intense than the low of the weekend which will result in more pronounced effects in some areas in the west mainly .
Heavy rains and thunderstorms are expected in the northwest originally Tuesday after all the west. As of Tuesday noon expected worsening of weather and in central and southern country with local rains and strong thunderstorms .
Heavy snowfall will occur on Tuesday continent even in semi - mountainous areas ( not impossible to have snow and the city of Ioannina ) , in parts of western Macedonia in Florina , Kastoria , Kozani and other hilly areas . Light snow expected in Naoussa and locations of the same altitude in Macedonia mainly dyt. Tuesday night to Wednesday morning 02/29/2014 . Great attention to local roads throughout the North Country is to have good drivers always snow chains on their cars . Unfortunately the temperatures in 850hpa will not leave enough room for event snowfall in the plains portions of central and northern country and so there expecting rains in some areas chionolyto or sleet in the very north.
The deterioration will be temporary and Wednesday morning we expect improvement in these areas .
The passage of the low will be relatively quick . Heavy rains in the rest of the country
Exception will be the areas of eastern Thrace where we expect rain in the lowlands and parts mainly the Ebro ( as Didymoticho silk Orestiada ) but that quickly transformed into sleet towards the end of Tuesday.
Strong thunderstorms will occur in Western and Central Cust / iso Tuesday evening and Wednesday to the islands of the eastern Aegean and the Cyclades .
In Crete expect local showers that quickly fade .
The temperature increased slightly throughout the country , namely:
In northern Greece -5 to 7 degrees
In central Greece 2-12 degrees
In western Greece 6-14 degrees
In southern Greece 7-16 degrees (locally in Crete 17 degrees )
and finally in eastern Greece 6-14 degrees
The winds will blow in the north eastern 5-6b, in the central and southern Aegean South 5-6 local 7b and the Ionian WEST SOUTHWEST 4-5b and southern Ionian southwesterly 5-6b and 8b local 7 to off .
in Attica
Expect showers and thunderstorms mainly to strong local Tuesday night with an improvement from Wednesday morning , the temperature will range from 7 degrees to 14 noon ( in the northern suburbs will be 1-2 degrees lower ) . The winds will blow from the south addresses 4-5 b
in Thessaloniki
Expect rain or sleet by noon and the surrounding mountain sleet or snow. Temperatures will range from 4-6 degrees , while easterly winds will blow 4-5 b rotary Wednesday in Northwest with attenuation .
On Wednesday morning the weather will improve gradually from west to east .
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