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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Greece-Laboratory manufacture of forged permits detected by Immigration officers in Athens

Laboratory manufacture of forged travel documents and Greek permits  detected by Immigration Department officers  in Athens [ commanding Bob Lappas ] on 10/01/2014 at noon in Taurus . Arrested a 24 year old foreign national of Pakistan , while seeking one (1 ) more foreign .
As revealed by the survey, the 24 year old arrested along with his accomplice , the last two years had installed in his house in Taurus training workshop of false travel documents and permits, which had to foreigners in return for financial remuneration , in order to facilitate their illegal settlement in our country .
In the apartment of  the 24 year old found and seized : One (1 ) full training lab all kinds of false documents consisting of:
One (1 ) computer
Two (2 ) laminators
Four (4 ) external hard drives data storage
No. of special inks of different colors
Special colored powders for the manufacture of forged watermarks
No. of special tools ( cutters , thread, rivets , tampons etc )
Eight (8 ) rubber stamps pitting Greek and foreign government departments and officers .
Crowd passport cover third party .
Twenty ( 20) passports and identities of third parties .
Three (3 ) permits driving ability of third parties .
Two hundred thirty-five ( 235 ) plastic cards "clones" for making fake IDs , driving licenses driving ability and bank cards .
No. of slides laminating documents .
No. of third persons size photo identity.
Rolls with plastic films used for laminating documents.
Rolls with plastic films pitting watermarks Pakistani documents .
The arrested person was brought to Mr. Prosecutor of Athens , while continuing research on the identification and arrest of his partners and clients
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