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Friday, December 6, 2013

The death of Nelson Mandela surprised the world

From what material made the ​​legends ?
By Peter Bigamo 
Growing up we read in history books about the legends and heroes . We did not know how it is , most met them through old photographs and images . We heard stories all mentioned in past years and centuries . Nowadays the words legend and heroes seem to refer to something as rare and distant as those that mention the word saint. In times when standards are rare , few were those who had the charisma to unite people and nations under their name . For me , Nelson Mandela was one of them .
The son of the leader of a South American tribe , was born in a country very different from the one he left behind . The colored citizens of the country had limited freedoms , deprived of basic rights, were third class citizens in their own country . All the above , combined with the massacre of Sharpeville, made ​​him the 1961 freedom fighter . A year later , imprisoned and remains a political prisoner for 27 years. In 1990 is released , no trace of hatred and revenge mood , dreaming only democracy . It is the moment that opens the way for the end of apartheid .
To 1993 wins the Nobel Peace Prize for his struggle against apartheid and for the establishment of democracy in the country . In 1994 , given the right to vote in the colored citizens of South Africa and those in the elections Mandela becomes president of the Republic of South Africa , the "born-free generation" is a fact. Within a day manages to unite a divided country and give a new perspective for the future . Bribed President of the Republic only for five years and as a true altruist leaves wanting to give space to the younger . He continues his humanitarian action by founding the "Nelson Mandela Foundation" which had as its primary purpose of education, the development of rural areas and treat AIDS.
It is a time when AIDS takes gigantic proportions , millions of South Africans , including and one of his sons Mandela , die from the virus. The Madiba makes the match private affair culminates with a concert series known as the " 46664 " code that accompanied him in his years as a prisoner. From 2004 onwards because of advanced age and health problems , even more removed from political and social life and uses the phrase "Don't call me, I will call you" wanting to show that he will be present at any important moment of place . From 2011 onwards, the state of health has worsened and the evening of Dec. 5 days , passed into eternity .
Nelson Mandela has been described as a symbol , as one of the people that an entire nation saw as hope. He was a fighter for the rights of blacks that makes the world to understand that the color of the skin is not able to separate them. Not fought for revenge , he fought for equality and this was given to him by the almost magical ability to be able to inspire generations . It was he that his words can make everyone see the future a little more bright and hopeful . The history has recorded as a fighter for peace , equality and freedom. Until yesterday , some described him as the greatest "live" person on earth , as a template and a spiritual companion to the struggle for human rights. Mandela fought for what most of us take many obvious and integral part of our life , liberty , opportunity, equality and humanity . He was a symbol and leader for his people, old cut leader , selfless and unionist .
The death of Nelson Mandela surprised the world , we all appreciate him so much that had as a man so powerful that he was almost indestructible . I might have that impression because I consider him special. Nelson Mandela is one of the few people who can make me cry listening to them , one of them that their story makes me feel small and at the same time I want to try for something better . I conclude with a quote from that fated as a citizen and as a man , as a possible sentence manifesto : "No one is born hating someone for skin color , origin or religion . People must learn to love , and if they can learn to love,  for love comes more naturally to the human heart , rather than the opposite . "

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