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Friday, December 6, 2013

The Cypriots Association of Rhodes Island said Nightmare the filipina worker for Greece and Cyprus, Former maids before now prostitutes

Shocking to the Greek and filipino community is  the official post of the Cypriots Association  of Rhodes Island in to their website (Greek only click here)-Note: on the new page wait 5 seconds and press the "skip ad" up and right

Here is the english version (Note we trying to interpreter as best we can but if there is mistake please accept the fact we are volontaires and trying to help)
Former maids now prostitutes ..
Nightmare the filipina maids for Greece and Cyprus, Former maids before,  now prostitutes  - their needs for money and friends push them to illegal life- " No to the Greek law," the legislation ties the hands of employers
Mass exodus (run away) of Filipinos from their employers homes last week
 Their needs for money and friends push them to illegal life- and take commision 
Defenseless employers cover the costs of filipina to work illegally
Filipina submit similar complaints and until those examined , they work where they want
" No to the Greek law," the legislation ties the hands of employers or legislation expose employers.
Undisturbed and active  the friends boosts filipina domestic workers (which come to our island very expensive from Cypriots and keep commision for selfs. 
Another glaring case , mass abandonment of filipina labor comes to prove again the huge problem in employment of foreigners in our country . As had previously revealed in the local Tv station  illegal filipino organizations afflict employers and employees .
According to the Aliens and Immigration  police from Monday, up to 10 filipina maids run away from homes where they worked , while a total of 32 employers proceeded complaint against them .
" she left the same day with another 18 '
Employer speaking on tsismosaonline reporter told us that a filipina domestic helper, which brought in March, through agent from the Philippines , left the house on Wednesday. As she said the same day  left the home her worker , she learned that run away from the homes where they worked 18 other filipina maids, which in fact lodged similar complaints to the Department of Immigration .
" To me," she told us , "My maid wrote two-page complaints , which states that i did not provide food that paw on the floor in cookies to cleanse that room were not enough cabinets , and they are working from 6 the morning until 10 at night . "
" What ultimately interpreted the regulations ? "
As i said, I paid all the expenses to bring her abroad . "And then comes and disappears ," says the employer "  plus i have to pay  another 800 euro guarantee to be able to get another...
" Here the issue is the interpretation of the regulations ," she added, saying , " surely that foreigners should have rights , and employers should have their own " . Previously had even asked to join the other three law regulations : First, take fingerprints from abroad who wants to leave , second : they mast pay the foreign half warranty, and thirdly to provide references from previous employers , from whichever country had worked .
" None of these regulations was not included in our legislation , so there is this chaotic situation ." At the same time , as she said , we put in our  home an person which left another house and all the expense of the employer. "Here 's a circuit that acts against us and nobody reacts ." "If the state does not want to bring ," she said, " let's stop giving permits to bring filipina maids, and since the situation is so rampant , so foreign coming  in three months and require employers to release them , then let to expel or let normally open borders so as to come without a visa in  and make themselves their costs . "
similar stories
As said an employer , previously had another Filipina worker  , which paid to come Greece ,I paid tickets to come abroad  , and the same day she disappeared . "I even sent message  to her because it may be illegal and give her more salary as long she will remain to work for me ." " After three years, however ," she said , "
They call from the Association of Friends of Filipinos and they asked me to pay the tickets for her to return home . I 'd send the ticket but I canceled . She even asked people from the Immigration Department to intimidate me . "
And the question that I ask myself as employer is: The Association of Domestic Workers Employers what ? Under which legislation can be done these things ? Would be good to know someone by what law can make foreign to do what they want without cost " .
I contacted the president of the Association of Employers of Domestic Assistants , Ms  Savouli , stating recent events and as she said, ' There's no way to find the right of the employer . And if the justifies the Labour Court and found that the poorly housemaid left the house, the employer must pay the tickets . "
As explained Ms . Savoulli , " to bring the employer other girl will have to pay other expenses , ie safety, security , and all the rest. Note that these girls leave , elderly , children and sick people . " The costs , as we said, is huge and most employers prefer to sign the release in order to escape the money return trip. Currently out of Cyprus and Greeks thousand euros from the illegal employment of filipinos 
" The illegal organizations -circuits operate undisturbed "
As said Ms . Savouli , there are too many who act in this area and helps filipina, course against their own remuneration. "These ," she added " are agents , attorneys or other foreign or networking of various patrons ." Mark along , that the Association has nothing against filipinos or any foreign, but it makes sense that when they find fertile ground , they will try to make as many can illegally , since the state allows them .
" The only one who has to lose ," she said , " is the employer - family, while at the same time benefiting others, who without charge, have cheap labor for their house .
Since this whole situation , also benefit the insurance companies after repeatedly break the contract abroad , so many more fuses do benefit from the state after each one breaking her contract receives another 300 euros from the new contract , while benefits and the agent will find a new employer who will give him a commission.
" Therefore ," said Ms . Savouli " everyone benefits than the employer , who if you do not accept to sign the release , would compel him to pay the ticket to leave the girl . Indeed , if he does not accept to sign to leave the girl , would break the guarantee of 850 euros and will take it all . This is condition ".
" Controlled complaints if they are "
On his part  the Labour Relations Department will be invited both sides to express their opinions and will make a report which will sent to the Committee examines matters. The immigration officer together with the committee will decide which side is right .
In the complaints , there is no control if they are . Indeed , she said, many complaints are identical , while several patrons pay 150 euros to submit the grievance filipino .
As Mr Stylianou said , "to file a complaint is legitimate, and "If the employer " added " not satisfied by the decision may appeal to the court . However as it is currently the state the cost borne by the employer . And if it is decided that the overseas should be deported , the cost borne by the employer . "
" 30 years ago legislation"
As noted by Mr. Stylianou , legislation is 30 years old , was to protect the worker while now costs to the employer more.
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