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Friday, December 6, 2013

Greece-Surrendered to the police a 34 year old Filipina who accused of stealing 150,000 euros from known businessman

She surrendered to police the 34 year old Filipina  housemaid that allegedly stole money and jewelery from the house where she worked. It owns to a Greek well known businessman with large stores in Patras who had complained to police last week that while he and his family were missing the 34-year old Filipina opened the safe box and grabbed 150,000 euro money and jewelry . The Filipina working in the family house for many years and they trust her so she knew where the keys of the safe are . Then she  searched and had managed to find the password, and taking advantage of the absence of the owners took the money and jewelry . According to reports of the police  the 34 year old filipina admitted the act and this time she is in the Police Department at Patras .
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