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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Greece-One in three Greeks cannot warm their home

Greece fifth on the list - 32% unable to pay the electricity bill - See detailed maps
A survey by the energy think tank Vaasaett comes to confirm the difficult situation faced by hundreds of households in Greece who are unable to provide even the basic services, such as heating.
Greece ranks fifth on the list of countries where people cannot provide for full and effective heating for their homes. The only countries above her are Bulgaria, Lithuania, Cyprus and Portugal. The first five are as follows:
Bulgaria: 47%
Lithuania: 34%
Cyprus: 31%
Portugal: 27%
Greece: 26%
EU average: 11%
Things are even worse in the list of countries whose residents are unable to pay their bills, with Greece taking the first place:
Greece: 32%
Bulgaria-Croatia: 28%
Romania: 27%
Latvia: 23%
EU average: 10%
The think tank survey was carried out on the occasion of the price of natural gas and electricity amid the economic crisis.
The Vaasaett analysis, which BBC publishes, argues that prices fluctuate at quite high levels even though they have droped in nine cities in Central and Eastern Europe.
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