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Friday, December 6, 2013

Greece-Golden Dawn assault and threaten legal filipinos in Ambelokipous of Athens few days before Christmas

Greece of 2013, In less than 20 days we have Christmas and the ghost of neo nazi and racism still is here, among all immigrants , even those with legal permit, even to those foreigners  who staying in Greece more than 20 years leaving in areas such Ampelokipoi of Athens.

Julia(not her real name-her full identity available to the reporter only) is a 40 years old Filipina , single mother of a beautiful 10-year old boy, 19 years ago came from the Philippines to Greece. She leaves in Ampelokipoi of Athens . Since she enter Greece she is working every day, with a day off ones a week, without interruption, in homes as a house maid-domestic worker. Her papers are arranged. She pays her taxes, her Ika, all are normal.

Some people does not have the same rights that I have she said. Because Greece leaves with the ghost of neo nazi, racism and Golden Dawn Political party who scaring her neighbourhood. Golden Dawn issued instructions on what sidewalks will walk and prohibitively traffic after 10pm she said with fear.

Ambelokipi area of Athens. There where many foreigners live, for years now, harmoniously with us (the Greeks). We know them from our childhood. And now our children grow up together. They learn letters in the same schools and playing in the same parks, going to the same party, shop at the same bookstore pencils and erasers from the same convenience store chewing gum and ice cream. But we have the same rights? Julia asked. No she answers alone

Men in Black

A week ago I ran out to the park with my son to eat skewers, to do swings and slides, a group of Filipinos was there also Julia said. The time was past ten o'clock when they came men with black shirts and threatened us. You'll be home before ten in the evening they said. Not released after ten. We do not want to see you out again. Talk to your friends Filipinos so they will learn it all said the leader of the men with black shirts.

The father of a classmate of my son came, like the leader of the men with black shirts ordered, to warn me.

What you will do, he ask me . What to do . I will go home. Julia said

Did you went to the police ? " Ochi.Trelathikes (no are you crazy) '. In the embassy ? " No, give my name ? And if the embassy can not do something ? Julia said?

Ron (not his real name-his full identity available to the reporter only), who is also from the Philippines, 20 years in Greece in Ambelokipoi Area unemployed, said some neighbors advised him to walking in the opposite sidewalks in some pubs-clubs in Ampelokipous . Because the “regulars” Greeks do not want foreigners.

"I understand something, but I was not sure," she confides . He narrated that last week came back home with his baby girl. The time was 9.20 in the evening . His house is located near the lair of Golden Down office in Mesogeion Ave, which is guarded by members of the Golden Down organization . "Hey! " Ron listens to one man (guard of G.D.) from afar . " Hurry home ", I told to my little baby to walk faster, Ron says.

Luckily the Golden Dawn people did not hurts us said. What do you mean, I ask.(pinay ako)

Two weeks ago Me and three other Filipino had come out to celebrate birthday in a fast food restaurant in Ambelokipi . Were returning home around 10.15 pm. Stopped by three men with black shirts and brand of Golden Dawn Passed into our hands handcuffs !!!.. ".

Ron’s voice lowered. He stop talking . What happened I ask again. The three men with black shirts and brand of Golden Dawn ask us : " Are you working in Greece? " If you say " yes " they beat you bad, if you say " no " they continue " You don’t have papers huh? " we will bring you to the Police. And Passed into your hands handcuffs !!!.. In any case , instead of jail you choose to be beaten  , even if you are unemployed . Ron said.

Ron and Julia at the end of our interview cried and the only words they said is "We hope nobody else experiences what happened to filipinos in Ambelokipous now, we crying for all immigrants’

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Pinay Ako-6/12/2013
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