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Monday, November 18, 2013

U.S. military helicopters carrying aid to Philippines

U.S. military helicopters are now carrying aid which they need desperately hungry villagers in remote areas damaged by Hurricane central Philippines, while survivors of the disaster flocked team today , Sunday at dilapidated churches to pray for the uncertain future.
The Philippines are faced with a gigantic reconstruction work after Hurricane Chaigian that claimed the lives of at least 3,974 people and left 1,186 missing , while many isolated communities have not yet received significant assistance despite the massive international relief effort .
The Philippine authorities and international aid agencies are facing a growing humanitarian crisis , as the number of people displaced by the disaster are now estimated at 4,000,000 , of which 900,000 were estimated in the late periasmenis week.
President Benigno Aquino , who aifnidiasthike the scale of the disaster and criticized by some for the fact that efforts to tackle it was sometimes chaotic , today visited the affected areas. Sought again to blame it for the problems in local authorities , preparations of which said that it was not adequate.
In Gkouiouan , a coastal town which suffered heavily in Eastern Samar province , praised the mayor because it was made ​​as the evacuation of the city so that the dead be limited to fewer than 100, in contrast to what happened in other cities , according to the President.
" For what happened elsewhere , I prefer not to speak . As your president , I am not allowed to get angry even when I'm already confused . Simply endure ," said Aquino . "Until you are satisfied from what I see , I will stay here a while ."
Although the packages with the help have started to arrive in more remote areas and much of it is carried by helicopters of the U.S. aircraft carrier George Washington , the UN announced that the inhabitants are still hungry in some mountain districts. He added that information from several western provinces of the Visayas region is " limited " , while 60 % of people in the northeastern cities of the province Cappie need food assistance .
"I still worry about the health of millions of men , women and children who are still in desperate need ," he said in a statement the head of UN humanitarian operations Valerie Amos .
The risk of skin and respiratory diseases and diarrhea are very high, while the hospitals and health centers have been severely damaged .
"It rains a lot, so everything is wet . Water quality is not good ," said Jean Pletinx , head of mission for Médecins Sans Frontières . " The Gkouiouan has been completely destroyed . Has remained nothing . 's All dissolved . The hospital has been razed completely ."
In Kampoungkaan , a village within the region Tanaouan of Leyte province - which killed 1,200 people - the arrival today of a U.S. helicopter was first Seahawks outside help after the Chaigian hit the region .
With children first , many villagers ran to greet the helicopter . They shouted " Thank you ! Thank you ! " and two members of the crew were making packages help which bore the stamp " of the American people ."
The U.S. has about 50 ships and aircraft in the area. Japan has sent three ships to trucks and machinery, while Thailand , Indonesia and Singapore have sent a C130 aircraft to help deliver aid .
The government estimated the damage to infrastructure and agriculture about 10 billion pesos (230 million dollars) .
The UN has warned that the economic and human costs can rise if assistance to farmers in areas of paddy fields has not arrived in time to prevent to plant in December and January for the next season. He added that fishing , another critical source of food , has been severely affected due to the hurricane.
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