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Friday, November 29, 2013

Philippines-United Nations Gives 200,000 Jobs for Super Typhoon Yolanda Survivor Victims

Coming down the hill of ruins of houses in Tacloban City yesterday, a man carries on his shoulder a salvaged piece of wood as long as the cross that symbolized Jesus Christ's great sacrifice on the road to salvation. Much like his journey in rebuilding his house ruined by the storm. 10,000 of desperately needed jobs are being created for survivors of a catastrophic typhoon in the Philippines by paying them to clear mountains of waste from ruined cities and farms. UN agencies are spearheading the "Cash for Work" programs, which they hope will provide a triple boost to communities destroyed by Super Typhoon Yolanda with lifting morale as vital as cleaning up and helping economies. "This is not only important to help normalize the economy, but working gives a sense of dignity back in their lives." said Tim Walsh leader of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) team deployed to the worst hit city of Tacloban and nearby areas. The UN is working partnership with the Philippine Government is hoping to create at least 200,000 jobs that could last up for 3 years.   
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