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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Philippines-Despair and anger in areas of disaster. Exclusive photos and videos from helicopter

Tsismosaonline reporter flying with helicopter over the areas of disaster in Philippines 

The despair dominates the areas affected by Hurricane Chaigian areas of the Philippines , and five days after the disaster , despite the mobilization of the international community , humanitarian aid reaches drip in areas where roads , bridges and airports have been destroyed or suffered extensive damage preventing , combined with adverse weather conditions , access .
Thousands of panicky people try to secure a place in the few flights and the ferries that remove survivors, while the rage giving place to despair by the lack of everything, food, water and medicines.
According to UN figures , about 11 million people have been affected by the devastating hurricane, while 673,000 have been evacuated from their homes .
According to the latest official account , the dead exceeded 2,000 , while Philippine President Benigno Aquino said on Tuesday that the UN estimates about 10,000 dead is exaggerated and may be based on information officials of local government and the police were shock situated in the heart of the disaster.
However, the authorities admit they do not have access to certain cities and islands of the affected area .
" We have several bags for corpses " , said today at a radio network health minister Enrique Onna . " We hope that we will accelerate ( the contemplation of corpses ) when we have several bags ," he said.
" The destruction is so complete and extensive that we must rebuild from scratch ," said Martin Romoualntes MP region outlining the periphery of the city Taklompan as " ground zero " as a band after nuclear disaster.
Spokesman of the Armed Forces of the Philippines said that the military efforts to reach isolated areas and that, although the available helicopters are many , the disaster area is huge to be fed with the needed supplies.
According to Natasha Reges , coordinator for the Philippines the organization Doctors Without Borders, there are hundreds of towns and villages located in the path of hurricane and he's been all communication and will take a long time until there is access to all areas of destruction.

Watch the video from helicopter

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