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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Philippine Video-Dead bodies in the streets - In desperation the survivors

Many corpses remain under the rubble in the area devastated by the deadly hurricane Chaigian the Philippines , and many lie dead in the streets . Rescue teams dig in the mud and ruins of the city Taklompan , capital of the province of Leyte to locate and retrieve dead.
Many dead lying in the streets , and there is a lack of special plastic bags into which placed the corpses .
Officially , the number of victims of Hurricane Chaigian , who leveled cities , amounts to 2,357 . The UN estimates that the dead only in Taklompan can reach 10,000 .
Dozens of victims will be buried today in two mass graves outside the Taklompan , on one of the corpses have been identified and another for those who will attempt to identify later after fingerprinting .
Many survivors complain about the stench and fear of causing epidemics , despite assurances from health authorities that are unlikely to cause disease from corpses 
Over 11 million people were affected by Hurricane Chaigian . Of these, about 600,000 displaced people are in urgent need of food, water and shelter , according to the Department of Humanitarian Affairs of the UN.
Soldiers have started to distribute water trucks and rice in town Taklompan where hungry survivors loot supermarkets and shopping malls.
Eduardo del Rosario , head of the department responding to natural disasters in the Philippines said that more rescuers and supplies are en route to the affected areas, not only to the city Taklompan .
"We have a specific system for relief operations , but we were not prepared for such a big disaster," said del Rosario, according to which aircraft have started throwing food and other relief items to areas where it can be accessed from land.
The head of UN humanitarian operations Valerie Amos admitted today , six days after the disaster, as being too slow to help the survivors and apologized for the " abandonment " of these desperate people.
"I think we're all upset by the fact that we are in the sixth day and that we have managed to reach all people," remarked Amos , which admitted that aid has not reached even in areas where there is an immediate need .
"I hope that within the next 48 hours , this will change significantly ," he said .
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