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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Life Lessons in Philippines: Mothers trying to save their children (VIDEO)

Ruins and abandonment left behind the Hurricane Chaigian , as with property, now in the Philippines has collapsed and the health system . Pictures of makeshift hospital go round the world showing mothers trying to keep their newborns in life in every way. But not always succeed all .
In the area Taklompan Medical Center West Misagias has almost completely destroyed and the remaining plants were transferred to a chapel. There mothers are frantically trying to keep afloat their newborns , many of whom were born one or two days before , or immediately after the hurricane.
However, according to the iefimerida, no more incubators or even the necessary equipment for their care , causing mothers to administer oxygen in newborns using hand pumps to help them breathe , keeping the lives of their babies literally in their hands .
About a week after the hurricane hit , the authorities are still trying to clear debris from the streets. But in hospitals , which are still struggling to find their feet , problems arise, often prove fatal.
Six babies died at Regional Medical Center due to lack of equipment , as declared by the doctors at the pediatric department, speaking on tsismosaonline.com They explain that their competent promise to bring a large generator to provide power for certain vital services , but have no idea when this will happen .
Two of the doctors working in the field from the medical facilities of Manila. Came to Taklompan earlier this week to help local officials , many of whom were also victims of the hurricane. However, doctors of Manila were shocked by the conditions they found in the storm ravaged medical center.

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