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Friday, November 29, 2013

Greek woman chose to go to surrogate pregnancy with her filipina maid

Several couples from Greece who yearn to become parents but they can not, looking through internet surrogate mothers .
Another Greek woman, from Heraklion -Crete Island this time, which can not have children chose the solution of the surrogate mother , in the face of her filipina maid , to bring  in the world the child, while other couples seeking surrogate through internet , from Europe or Ukraine!
The surrogate filipina mother is 28 years old and mother also of two healthy children , while her employer , which suffers from a congenital abnormality , is 32 years .

Eventually , the process canceled because the Filipina , for unknown reasons , ultimately decided not to gestate the child of  her employer .
As told to  tsismosaonline.com reporter,  the director of the IVF Centre at the University Hospital of Heraklion Makrygiannakis Anthony is currently completing the legal procedures to go the surrogate pregnancy .
The money that costs a surrogate pregnancy today are in the range of 20,000-30,000 euros.

In recent years in Heraklion have born children in 3 cases of surrogate womb .
In 2 cases sister gestate her baby sister , while one mother gestate the child of her daughter.
As experts say, in the case of selection of surrogacy pregnancy , it is best to choose the pair relative person .
But sometimes this is not possible . Thus , choosing other women who are willing to join in this process , for consideration , although it is illegal  some couples select Filipina.
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