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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Greece-Weekend with cloudy local rain in all areas of the country

Normal temperatures for the season - See detail what the weather will do in all areas of the country
Transient clouds across the country with local rains in Central , northeastern Peloponnese , Evia and Northern Crete, expect Saturday, November 16 .
Temperatures will range from 6 to 13 degrees in Northern Greece , from 7 to 13 degrees in Central Greece , from 13 to 16 degrees in southern Greece , from 10 to 20 degrees in western Greece and from 13 to 20 degrees in the Aegean and Crete.
The winds will blow in the Aegean northerners to moderate in the southeastern Aegean and powerful to near gale in other areas. The Ionian winds will blow from eastern addresses moderate to locally strong and gusty near the Patras .
Transient clouds increased more in the north of the county, with possible rain , expect Saturday in Attica. The temperature reached 16 degrees centigrade. The winds will blow NORTH NORTHEAST moderate to strong in the Saronic and strong to gale nearly the South Evia.
Expect cloudy Saturday in Thessaloniki. The temperature reached 13 degrees centigrade. The winds will blow from Thermaikos eastern addresses patients.
The emailers will be the same on Sunday. Specifically, on November 17 , expect cloudy in the east and south with occasional rains in northern Crete . In the rest of the country expect clouds, increased the Ionian Sea.
The winds will blow west easterly , southeasterly 3-5 Beaufort with a gradual weakening . To the east will blow northerly , north-easterly 5-6 Beaufort and proskaria Aegean 7 Beaufort.
The temperature will not be made ​​any considerable change .
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