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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Greece-They have agony the Filipinos living in Greece after the deadly Hurricane. Exclusive interview

They have agony the Filipinos living in Greece for the fate of their relatives who are away their home after deadly Hurricane Chaigian .
The 69 years old  Delina, living 33 years in Greece said.
" I have four children , two of them , a daughter and a son , living with their families in the Philippines , in the province of Leyte , which is the most affected . I Contact with them a day before the hurricane hit ." 
" I have no news from Thursday afternoon . I wish everyone is well, " said to tsismosaonline reporter and refers to their last conversation.
" They told me they expected the hurricane and made preparations . Besides, there is something unknown to them, about 24 typhoons have hit the Philippines in recent months. Not that I felt very worried . So great disaster not waiting . "
" I can not be at home , I can not see the TV images of destruction . I can not sit . I want to do something to help , "says and indeed, on November 28, will try to go home to see up close what has happened to her loved ones and homeland . It accompanies the 20-year old granddaughter .
"We need to see and this reality . Such is life with joy and sadness. I will stay for about a month to do something to help as I can . "
"Every day calling but no answer . There is no moment not to think about it. I do not know what has happened . It is very painful , " said  .
" All I know is that the area has suffered enormous damage . There is no drinking water . There are no phones . Businesses lost . The crops were destroyed . There is nothing . The survivors struggle to survive as they find the bodies of loved ones lost . It's time for us to mourn our dead . "
The Magiet living 13 years in Greece , was luckier said.
" I updated via the internet by local authorities that my relatives, my 18 year old son, my mother, my brother is good." 
" I spoke with them last Thursday . I was told that the hurricane was not very strong I expected was a hurricane " normal road " . When I saw the news I could not believe it. It was the first time the hurricane was so strong , " said.
He learns that the situation in the country is very bad. "I am very sad. There is no drinking water . No food . They expect help from the government. We will try to survive .With the help of other people can not survive".
Interview by filipino gr
For tsismosaonline.com
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