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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Greece-Photos of old Athens, the streets, squares, neighborhoods-Video

Is one better than the other. Dozens of photos of old Athens , the streets , squares , neighborhoods .
Fotogafies full of nostalgia of a man who loved the old Athens and photographed .
The photos are all in Frederic Bouasona , a Franco-Swiss photographer who lived from 1858 to 1946 .
For 30 years he photographed the Bouasona Greece along with the companion of Daniel Bo - Beauvais , dean of the School of Fine Arts in Geneva .
His work is considered groundbreaking and crucial for the development of Greek photography in the 20th century .
According to Wikipedia, the Bouasona the Peridou 1900 - 1930 he visited Greece several times impressing with his camera aspects of Greek society .
Along with pentane and the hunter Chris kakkalos won for protifora the top of Olympus , Mitika in August 1913.
His last trip to Greece in 1930 made ​​when he visited Mount Athos.
Among others visited the Peloponnese , Andritsena , Athens , Ithaca , Crete etc.
Companion on many trips to Greece was the Hellenist Victor Berar .
The archive of the Greek photo content is kept in the Museum of Photography in Thessaloniki.
Editor: Filipino Gr for tsismosaonline.com
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