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Monday, November 18, 2013

Greece-Niarchos Foundation offers the amount of $ 500,000 for the victims in the Philippines

The amount of $ 500 000 has the Stavros Niarchos Foundation , to provide emergency relief and support to victims of super typhoon Chaigian in the Philippines, through donations that will support the activities of three organizations ...in the region, whose work are supplementary .
Specifically , organizations will accept donations of institution to offer in turn support the citizens in the Philippines are Oxfam, Save the Children and Doctors Without Borders .
Specifically , the agency Oxfam Niarchos Foundation offers the amount of $ 200,000 , and plays a crucial role in cases of emergency relief , having the ability to respond quickly and effectively to disaster . The Oxfam is already active in the Philippines, with development programs in the field of water, sanitation , and agriculture. Last Sunday, November 10, 2013 , went to the country team of experts to assess the state of water , public health and hygiene. Emergency actions by the Oxfam team consisting of local and regional professionals as well as experts from the United Kingdom , began Tuesday, November 12, 2013 , north of Cebu, one of the areas hit hardest by the hurricane. On Wednesday, November 13, 2013 , this group has started distributing " hygiene kits emergency ." The area of specialization is Oxfam services Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH-Water, SanitationandHygiene). The short-term plan of the organization involves working with local organizations to provide clean water , shelter and sanitation services , as kaiskinon and plastic covers for basic protection of victims , distributing water filters , which clean the dirty flood waters , provide temporary toilets , which are installed quickly and easily, and the distribution of food or money when there are no local food. The Oxfam plans to offer the next time, direct assistance to half a million people in the Philippines
The organization Save the Children (Save the Children) offers the amount $ 150,000 . The Save the Children is active in the Philippines since 1981 and has extensive experience in providing humanitarian assistance , especially after katastrofespou often affect the country. The organization echeisymvalei in countering the effects of three more typhoons in the Philippines, the last three chronia.Diathetei group dedicated to the relief effort , consisting of 100 members of staff from the Philippines , and 26 special humanitarian assistance in the areas of organization and implementation plan ( logistics), child protection , education in situations of emergency , health and nutrition, and water and sanitation. The immediate goal of Save the Children is to help 500,000 children and adults by providing housing materials , basic family supplies ( candles, blankets, sleeping mats ) , hygiene kits , newborn care packages , mobile medical clinics, kathoskai sites to protect children . Similarly, the long-term plan of the organization is to restore children's access to education ( providing temporary classrooms ) , children and men in health programs and nutrition programs and food safety assurance programs subsistence ( enabling poor families to recover the income lost ) , and the development of actions timeiosi disaster risk .
Finally, to Médecins Sans Frontières has the amount of $ 150,000 . Médecins Sans Frontières has access to airplanes , helicopters , ships, boats and cars, in remote areas in the archipelago of the Philippines, and in areas where they have even reached other teams or organizations . The organization has more than 140 staff members - doctors , nurses , practitioners of logistics, psychologists and experts in the field of water and sanitation - which welcome victims to mobile clinics that are erect and support what infrastructure leftover from local hospitals. Médecins Sans Frontières has sent hundreds of tons of medical supplies and emergency items (10 freighters ) , including medical kits to treat the wounded, equipment for medical examinations, tetanus vaccines and other medicines, relief items such as tents and hygiene kits , water and sanitation equipment , and a floating hospital providing medical care to reduce complications and infections . Already operating procedures that save lives (for severe injuries and fractures ) and offer treatment to patients with severe symptoms of pneumonia and diarrhea , while the organization contributes to proper care of inanimate bodies in the Philippines , addressing crucial public health issue . Doctors Without Borders prepared for the second stage of destruction, where medical response will be crucial in terms of the spread of diseases ( such as tetanus, leptospirosis , malaria, dengue fever), because of the unhealthy conditions of flood and growth of mosquitoes flourished after heavy rainfall .
"The Typhoon Haiyan left behind destruction. The first few days after a natural disaster of this magnitude is crucial, but also very difficult in terms of organization, outreach efforts and assistance of victims , "said Andreas Drakopoulos , Chairman of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation .
Then Mr. Drakopoulos added: " The Board of SNF , and based on our experience with emergency relief efforts worldwide , knows how important it is to act immediately. It gives us great pleasure that we are able to work with three excellent organizations all of them , with whom the Foundation has worked in the past - to offer immediate assistance to the people of the provinces of Leyte and Samar in the Philippines , at a time great need . "
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