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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Greece-592 illegal and undocumented arrested in four days-no filipino among them-VIDEO

Police operation in the wider area of ​​central Athens , held on Tuesday evening , for the prevention and suppression of crime . Two people were arrested and brought 123.
In business involved officers from the Police Directorate of Athens , Instant Action and Police Operations with the appropriate tools and equipment.
During the police operation was fed 123 people and two foreigners were arrested because found undocumented . Also checked 10 stores
Furthermore, in terms of addressing the phenomenon of begging , was fed by traffic lights, streets and squares in the wider center of Athens , 34 people, including 27 foreigners and 7 Greeks, who were begging . 
Those arrested were taken to the Prosecutor of Athens
Greek Police, 592 arrests in four-days
In total 592 arrests proceeded police four days from 21 to 24 November 2013 during extensive operations in various parts of the country , for the prevention and suppression of crime . Also seized 411 kilos of cannabis and 215 weapons of various types.
In business and controls participated policemen Services Order, Safety , Traffic , and skilled staff group DI.AS. , Prevention and Repression of Crime ( O.P.K.E. ) , Narcotics , etc.
During these special police actions constituted a large number of workshops , which were allocated 6,046 police officers and 2,770 official vehicles .
Also , those checks include the following results :
Were fed 3,524 people , of which 2,073 Greeks and 1,451 foreigners
Checked 49,869 cars and motorcycles
Arrested 592 people, of which: 196 individuals for immigration legislation , 84 persons for convictions of 72 people for drugs, eight people for illegal trade and 232 persons for other offenses
Confirmed total 15.058 breaches of the Highway Code :
2,412 for speeding
630 on insurance policies
634 for not wearing helmet
518 for not wearing seatbelt
490 for driving under the influence of alcohol
448 for violations MOT
441 for loss of license driving ability
276 for cell phone use
148 red light violation
87 denial of vehicle registration
70 Non- visa authorization motorbike / other and
8.904 for other administrative penalties
and, 900 breaches of hygiene :
216 for deprivation license music
198 for authorization for deprivation shop
152 for deprivation health booklet
32 to offer drinks to minors
24 for noise
20 for breach opening hours
255 other offenses
Indicative seized :
410 kilos and 881 grams of cannabis
105 grams of heroin
13.8 grams of cocaine
643 drug pills
215 weapons ( pistols , revolvers , war - hunting weapons , etc. )
26,920 euro
14,355 other species, mainly smuggled cigarettes and species of illegal trade( simulator products , CD-DVD's etc ) , vehicles, game machines , H / PCs and mobile phones .
Watch the video

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