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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Brest Cancer Advise For Every Pinay

Dr. Aldine Astrid Basa answers questions that may help women understand why it is very important to get screened for breast cancer as soon as they hit 40. 
What do you advise women who are experiencing pain or can feel a lump?  Remember 80% to 90% of complaints about the breast, whether its a pain or lump are benign. So majority is not cancer.
When there's a lump is surgery a solution?
Cysts dont need a surgery. They're really related to hormonal changes because of menstruation. In medicine cyst or fibroadenoma means a lump filled with fluid, it's common breast lump.
Can breast cancer be prevented?
No. There's nothing that you can do unless you have your breast removed like Angelina Jolie. It hasn't been established that there's a relationship between food or lifestyle with breast cancer. 
What are the chances of survival once a woman gets diagnosed with breast cancer?
Stage 1 90%, Stage 2 80%, Stage 3 60% to 70% and Stage 4 20%.  
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