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Monday, November 18, 2013

A prayer from Greece to the Philippines

A prayer sung by the choir of the Philippine community in Patras city in yesterday's operation in the Catholic Church . It was dedicated to the victims of Hurricane Chaigian and mentally came from the lips of members of the far country , trying to heal the wounds left by the natural phenomenon behind.
The operation took place on the initiative of the Philippine Honorary Consul in Patras , Anastasia Manolopoulou and " embraced " welcomed by the vicar of the Catholic Church in Patras Fr George Doug
The Proteus - operation was given in English for the Philippine community in the city, which has about 60 people . The second function , in Greek , monitoring and other members of the Catholic Church in Patras.
In Patras there is no organized collection Filipinos . Community members have managed , mostly , to acclimatize to the local community . Churchgoers every week , they have created their own choir and once a month together at a dinner with a menu entirely from the national cuisine of their country.
" They are people with an open culture. Will see them always be cordial and smiling , "says honorary consul of the country. "Even in these difficult times for the country , do not lose hope and optimism ," he added .
"We have enough on the issue of humanitarian aid and the conditions prevailing in the Philippines ," said the " TMP " Anastasia Manolopoulou . As honorary consul said after the operation , is the first piece of support for victims of natural disaster. In the next period will be informed through the press our fellow citizens about how they can provide assistance to residents of the country that has the honor to represent and that attempts to heal the wounds left by the devastating hurricane .
The function attracted not only Filipinos who live and work in the city of Patras, and other citizens who wanted their participation to stand by the people of distant country . Among them were: N. Nikolopoulos ( elected for - cc Christian Democratic Party ) , Spiros Politis ( alderman ) , Felicity Mitropoulou ( consul Switzerland ) , S. Mavridis ( Board Member Traders Association Aegio ) , Associate Manolopoulos ( president Ministry bus ) and members of the Philippine community.
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