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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Τhe double Superman's is Filipino

As children, most of us like to be like our beloved hero, but Herbert Chavez overrule. The 35 years old Filipino has undergone 19 surgeries in 16 years, spending 4,400 pounds in order to look like the Superman. Longer wearing his uniform, takes to the streets and promotes children morality!

The Chavez did not hesitate to undergo procedures like plastic nose, liposuction lips, skin whitening, implants and jaw repositioning abs to look like his idol, Clarke Kent, after he fell in love with the series at the age of 5 years.

"Every time I wear the outfit I feel like a super hero. My mission certainly is not to save the world, but to help in my own way and make children smile "confesses Chavez and adds" I regret nothing. The world is approaching all the time on the road and the kids want to be photographed with me. Is really excited to see a real Superman in the Philippines. "

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