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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Greece-Why the prosecutor ordered Golden Dawn Political Party leaders detention

The prosecutor that made the relevant recommendation to the investigators of the Golden Dawn case, found that Nikos Michaloliakos, Yannis Lagos, Christos Pappas, George Patelis and the female police officer are able to commit new crimes if released.

His reasoning is of particular interest.

For Nikos Michaloliakos

For Michaloliakos, the prosecutor asked and the investigators agreed, to temporarily detain the party leader as "there are serious indications of guilt, continuous and uninterrupted control of the organization and possible direction of remaining members at large, and if left free is likely to commit new crimes."

For Christos Pappas

Golden Dawn State MP Christos Pappas, was also deemed as liable for imprisonment as "from the case file, the confiscated documents from his house, the defendant's conduct and in particular his appearance to the police after a certain period of time from the arrest of the other defendants, at noon the next day, shows the persistent, systematic and coordinated action, the position of a leading member in the organization and possibility of guidance and if released he is likely to commit new crimes."

For Yannis Lagos

For GD MP Yannis Lagos, the prosecutor said that "there are serious indications of guilt and from the characteristics of the act, directing a criminal organization with the chance to continue by channeling orders to commit acts of violence to members of the organization that still remain available for action and obedience to his orders, it is probable that if he is left free he would commit new similar crimes."

For George Patelis

The prosecutor said that the Nikaia Golden Dawn leader, George Patelis, is deemed as an "important member" of the criminal organization in against him there is a significant involvement through repeated phone calls before and after the murder of Pavlos Fyssas. At the recommendation for custody of the accused, the prosecutor stated that the defendant is likely to commit " other crimes as he is displaying continuous and uninterrupted activation in the nucleus of the criminal organization, to which he is an important member with extensive powers with respect to the structure and guidance of the Nikaia cell."

For the female police officer

For the police officer Venetia Popori, the public prosecutor recommended custody considering she is suspected of committing new offenses, "as indicated by the specific characteristics of the act, attempt to hide her membership to the organization from the Force, having large numbers of weapons and ammunition that are serving the criminal organization’s purposes directed against many victims."

Financial crimes Police opening the accounts of Golden Dawn MPs

A court order has been issued to conduct audits on the financial information of all the Golden Dawn MPs.

The agents of the Financial and Economic Crime Unit (S.D.O.E) will "dust off" the tax returns of the Golden Dawn MPs and all the finances of the party in the last 10 years. The audit will be done by inspectors from the Office of Special Affairs of SDOE and was requested by investigators Spiros Georgouleas and Christos Papakostas.

Reportedly, the current raids of the authorities into Golden Dawn offices, have brought rich material for financial transactions of the organization or its prominent members.

What the Financial and Economic Crime Unit agents are looking for in the GD coffers

The prosecuting authorities are looking for connections of the Golden Dawn with organized crime and information that will reveal the proceeds of criminal activities.

The investigation however, will now cover the coffers of the party as well. SDOE has undertook to reveal the routes followed by the dirty money through bank deposits or cash, after the court order to proceed with moves that include "freezing" and opening of bank accounts of the party and its arrested members.

Investigators Georgouleas and Papakostas are expected to send a request to the Hellenic Banks Association. Banks will be required to provide evidence for deposits and withdrawals from the accounts of the organization. The investigating authorities will also seek natural or legal persons in Greece and abroad that will be audited for the source of the funds offered to the organization.

Expert bank officials estimate that the weight of the investigations will drop on the "feeder accounts" to prove if they were used to launder money, and check the legality and purpose of the Golden Dawn actions to which they ended up (terrorism, raid teams, etc.). A special plan is being drawn up for the areas around which the investigation of SDOE will rotate, like spending on charity or payrolls of individuals or groups from the party, supplies of defense material, mass events, propagandistic material, etc., as well as possible relationships of money and material donors with the organized crime.
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