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Friday, October 25, 2013

Greece-Wanted person from today the rapist of Filipina maid in Greece

 Today the final court's decision from May 2010, whereby recognized raped a Filipina maid from aBangladesh citizen , Khan Nasir Uddin, who was convicted in the first instance to imprisonment of 10 years and 2 months . 

The President of the Court of Appeals said that because of the absence of the convicted person , the appeal suspended and applies the first instance sentence.

Therefore, Khan from today is wanted fugitive .

The Filipina said she became satisfied about evolution but stresses that constantly wants to punish Khan with his sentence imposed. She is a woman very closed and inward-looking in nature , deeply religious and rape meant the complete destruction of the soul and thus her body. After the rape could not be reworked , and had a heart attack and then made open-heart surgery . She felt totally devastated and canceled as a person and as a woman.

At her side found tsismosaonline.com, and the Feminist Initiative Organization .

Please note that rape was in 2005 , and finalization date, ie 8 years after , which demonstrates once again the delay of the Greek justice, so they can not recover the victims gender violence , especially rape victims from the shock that cause these acts.

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