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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Greece- Tomorrow Friday Penumbral lunar eclipse - Impressive phenomenon

A separate eclipse will take place in the evening Friday, October 18 , as the moon will pass through the outer edge of the Earth's shadow , a phenomenon called penumbral lunar eclipse . According to publication of the press , the Moon will pass through the penumbra shortly after 2:50 GMT and the lower part will darken slightly. The solid celestial bodies like Earth , create two shadows. The shadow is a dark inner shadow , where the light from the Sun completely blocked by the Earth and is surrounded by a lighter shade, the so-called penumbra .
In a penumbral eclipse , the moon enters the Earth's penumbral shadow , while the light from the Earth partially blocked and the Moon out another luminous intensity 
The sky , according to the weather forecast in Greece will be clean , which is a favor for the observation of the phenomenon.
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