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Monday, October 21, 2013

Greece-Shocking to the world with a little girl found in the camp of gypsies in Greece

The story of little Mary identified in the Gypsy camp at Pharsalus , has aroused international interest , employing many foreign SMEs and especially the British media that compare it with that Madeleine McCann was kidnapped to resort in Portugal six years ago .
Global thrill for little Maria
Dozens of phone calls , received by the police in Larissa from international media (CNN, SKY NEWS, TIMES ...) but also by citizens , interested in the matter and the identity of the small .
The interest of the international media , and is increased by the fact that, in the case of small- Mary ( as stated that is her name) , has rekindled the hopes of finding and the small Ben that disappeared in Kos 15 years ago , but the small Madeleine , who disappeared from tourist resort in Portugal in May 2007 .
Indeed, in the case of Madeleine , earlier this week , coincidentally , were released new information and photographs of the child, as it may be today, but the sketch of a man who allegedly are probably involved in the case of disappearance.
The story of little Mary found in the camp of gypsies currently employs almost all the media.
It is characteristic that some newspapers like the Daily Mirror and the Daily Star front page make this issue with the photo of the small Mary.
All publications mentioned extensively on the subject. From how he got the little girl , now for the test DNA, and of course what happens next . At the same time point out that the Greek police has sent international appeal to identify the 4 year old girl.
Daily Mirror
Indeed the Daily Mirror matter hosted across the front page with the title : " Parents of Madeline :" The Stolen Girl gives us hope . '" The story points out that the " finding " of small Mary gives hope to the family of Madeleine McCann that their daughter can be found alive. "This gives Kate and Gehry great hope that Madeleine could be found alive ' he says in the newspaper McCann family spokesman .
The Madeline McCann disappeared in Portugal resort 6 years ago through the apartment where holidayed with her ​​parents. Recently the story resurfaced , after the intervention of British Prime Minister since found new evidence relating to the disappearance Joined . So the file was reopened by Scotland Yard . It is noteworthy that just a few days ago were released sketches two men suspected of snatching then 3 year old girl.
In addition to the reports referred to and parallel with the other story kidnapping toddler employing for years that public opinion in Britain. The small Ben lost to Kos in July 91 .
According to the newspaper in 1996, a prisoner in the prison of Larissa had told police that Ben was holding a gipsy family in Larissa .
This man called Anthony Bentzios and allegedly had been in this camp and sought his own son. There he saw " a boy who seemed foreign to the family. " So then asked me where is the child to receive the response from the father of the family " have him from Kos ."
Daily Star
The same wavelength and the headline of the Daily Star: «« Madeleine » Found in Greece ." Renewed hopes as the ' stolen ' girl found safely to a gypsy camp . "
Daily Mail
The Daily Mail newspaper in turn , says the title of "The Mystery of Marie deepens as Greek authorities revealed that four year old blonde girl who has been" kidnapped by gypsies ' only speaks a cryptic language of the Roma . "
The newspaper speaks spiral gypsies throughout Europe which " sells hundreds of children in various countries of the continent. He says it is an " international network of criminals " who buys and sells children from one country to another.
Also points out that many children, "little boys and girls aged 10 years " are used by organized crime for scams. These children earn more than 2400 euros per month , the Daily Mail said . " It is believed that about 200 children are entangled in this circuit ," said the Daily Mail.
The Times
The Times newspaper in turn says: " Mystery of the " kidnapping a girl of 4 years found in gypsy camp in Greece . "
The theme has and television networks .
The BBC focuses on the appeal that has made the Greek police to find the parents of Mary. "The Greek police appeal for mystery blonde girl" is the headline on the website of the British network .
A similar approach and Sky News « Mystery blonde child found in the Roma settlement . "
Respectively to Channel 4 in story tells of the veil of mystery that covers the case of four year-old girl found in Roma camp in Greece .
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