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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Greece shame alert-a 27-year old Filipina housemaid was arrested for stealing money a while ago in Athens

A 27-year old Filipina arrested for stealing money from the houses where she worked as a housemaid or made ​​cash withdrawals in the cards of her employers and send all the money to  her family in the Philippines.
The 27-year old Filipina legal staying and work in Greece arrested today a while ago outside a branch of Alpha Bank Banks in Kolonaki - Athens once did decrease 200 euro from the ATM machine
As a result of preliminary investigations made ​​by the Police, the Filipina had taken using debit cards more than 50,000 euros last year.
Investigated by the police if he possesses and how much money and other houses that worked in the past. The captured will  led tomorrow to the prosecutor 

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